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Today, I Rant

  • OMG.  Why did I waste 7 minutes of my life watching T.iny and T.oya the other night?  Worst show ever.  And please don’t get me started on T.iny’s voice!  I tried B.ET, I tried.  Why I tried I don’t really know, but I did.
  • This morning a lady was looking all lost and confused in the halls.  I asked her if she needed help.  She was looking for the business office and I told her I’d show her where it was.  She asked me “are you sure this is the right way” for the entire duration of our 5 minute stroll.  I wish I’d never met her….
  • If you are a grown woman, still have your lady parts, aren’t pregnant and haven’t been through menopause?  Bring your own stash to work!!!  If something has ocurred every 25-30 days for the last oh say 25, 30 years?  It shouldn’t catch you “off guard!”
  • If you’re the governor of a state and you’re all loud and beligerent about how the federal government is too much in states’ business and walk around talking about “we got this?”  You look real crazy when you have to turn around and ask F.EMA for help a few days later.  You do know the “F” in F.EMA stands for federal, right?
  • U.sher R.aymond irritates me.  As does Nikki M.inaj.  The two of them together “singing/rapping” a song about a girl sticking her hand down another girl’s pants and then bringing the girl to a loser face (thanks P!) dude?  Aaaaaaaaaargh!


Whew!  Thank you for letting me get that off of my chest.  Next post?  I’ll rave.  Not sure about what, but I’ll definitely rave.


12 thoughts on “Today, I Rant

  1. wooooosah. DEAD @ ARGal’s video!!! LOLOL!! I tried, too but I didn’t see the point. I WAS amused by the absurdity, tho! LOL. 23 days but yes, bring your own!!! i’m pretty well over usher. minaj makes me laugh b/c rashan hates her so much that he never touches my radio but will immediately reach over & turn if her voice is on. lolol

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