Loose Ends

~ Aly in VA (Happy Anniversary!) asked if I posted any pics of Lovegirl’s graduation.  Why no, no I did not.  My bad!  Did I mention that she won the “Best Reader” trophy?  She did!  Did I mention that I cried?  I did!

~ I asked the student to come in on Friday and talk to me.  I gave him the points back.  And I’m giving back the points of all the other students from whom I took professionalism points this year.  Four in all.  It had nothing to do with the fact that he was one of my favorite students.  Why?  Grace and mercy.  Where would any of us be without it?

~  Mommy Goes Bananas?  Thanks for de-lurking!  And for causing me to laugh.  Out loud!

~  I still haven’t spent my mad money.  Guess I’ll put it in the bank so it can get glad.

~  This song right here?  LOVE IT!

That’s it.  I hope that you’re off work today and not reading blogs, but if you just so happen to be stuck at work, I hope your day goes quickly.  If you’re off work and enjoying time with family and friends, I hope your day is lazy and slow.



Check the scenario:

A student has call one Saturday night and is scheduled to get off at 7 a.m. on Sunday.  He tells his team members not to come in on Sunday to do patient rounds – he’ll do them since he’ll already be at the hospital.  Call was rough, when 7 a.m. hits he goes to the house and does not go check the patients.  A certain education administrator pulls his professionalism points – an all or nothing grade worth 10% of his grade.  Said student comes and gets all jazzy with the ed admin saying he only did it once, that’s not fair, there’s nothing in the syllabus about taking points if one doesn’t go see patients (WTH????), etc., etc.  He refuses to admit that he should’ve gone to see the patients.  Ed admin refuses to change his grade – tells him to write an appeal if he truly feels he was in the right.  Ed admin goes to the house.  Thinks about the fact that the student is one of her favorites and with the exception of the above scenario he did really well on surgery rotation.  Ed admin thinks about all of the times in her life when grace and mercy have been shown her and thinks perhaps she should extend the same to the student.

What would you do internets?  Let the student keep his zero – dropping his final grade down a whole letter grade or give him – and every other student (maybe 3) whose professionalism points were pulled this year -their points back and call it a day?

Yeah, I’m Random

  • Sometimes people truly amaze me with their…..ignorance.  Like I think they’re kidding the stuff they’re saying is so dumb.  But they’re dead serious.
  • I have noticed I’m more judgmental about people’s brain power – or lack thereof – than anything else.  Bad outfit, weird hairdo, funny name?  I don’t really care.  But if you don’t have any sense, I just can’t mess with you too tough.
  • I finally bought a blue-tooth thingie so I can drive hands free.  Maybe I’ll buy an iPhone.  Next year.
  • Have I mentioned this season how much I love Top Chef Masters?  I do, I do!
  • Men, in my opinion, are easier to be friends with than women.  Men are generally just cool.  Women can be awfully, awfully bitchy over the most trite things.
  • I’m seriously thinking (again) about buying Lovegirl a dog.  I was thinking a dachshund, but read they’re not that great with kids and are hard to housebreak.  I need a small, short haired dog that’s not too yappy, good with children and won’t be hell to train.  Any ideas?
  • Speaking of Lovegirl – she slays me.  We were listening to the news and the newsreader mentioned that K.wame Kilpatrick was going to prison.  She chirps up “oh my, he’s going to prison like Icarus and Daedalus.”  Thank you C.hick Fil A for the early mythology lessons!
  • I think I lost my wedding band.

Whatcha got?

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Friday –  My sister-in-law called and asked if Lovegirl could spend the night with her cousins tonight.  It took less than a nanosecond for me to say “HELL YES!”  I’ll be chillaxing solo tonight and I’m looking forward to it way more than I should publicly admit to!  I think I shall eat something nice and tasty – Thai or Vietnamese – and head to rent a movie. Shine sweet freedom, shine your light on me….

Saturday – Do you know what today is?  It’s our anniversary!  May 22, 1999….11 years in and still going strong.   I remember looking at that dude right after we were pronounced man and wife and we both just cracked up.  We’ve been making each other laugh ever since – through tears, through amazement, through good times….there’s nothing like it in the world and I’m glad to share my life with Smoochy and the little family we’ve created.

Sunday – Smoochy and I will watch Lovegirl graduate from the best little Christian school ever and start a new chapter in what I pray will be a long, successful educational career.  I can’t lie, I’ve always thought Kindergarten graduations were stupid – until it was my kid’s turn!  I can’t wait to see her all cap and gowned out, marching in to Pomp and Circumstance receiving her PhD.  Oh wait, this is K-5 graduation.  I’m looking forward to the songs and speeches 🙂

Hope y’all have a great weekend.  Stay short but funky!  (Don’t ask….)

It’s Been a Long Time, I Shouldn’t Have Left You…

While I know that nothing can ever replace the memory of Cheek-toes on the school lunch menu, Lovegirl’s tenure at my favorite little Christian preschool is almost over and pretty soon I won’t be able to regale you with emails such as these.


Close toes/heel shoes only… (Older Ones-Summer Camp)
No flip flops or sandals that dispose the toes, heel must be covered.
Inappropriate shoe attire, parents will be notified immediately.
(See attachment for example)

As you were…..

Hey now! How you doing?

Greetings and salutations.  Yeah man, the blogging block has been lifted and I am free to blog and read and surf the internets – the way God intended!  I’m so excited I don’t know where to begin!

How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  The church picnic on Saturday was a bust.  It started raining about an hour after we got there.  But we had a good time in the hour that we were there, so maybe bust isn’t the right word.

Sunday I found some jeans!  Color me excited.  I found them at….GAP!  Who knew?  They’ve got long lengths, weren’t outrageously priced and have the nerve to be vanity sized so I walked out of there with a size 10 instead of a 12.  I love them!  If they wear and wash well?  GAP has a customer for life!  Too bad I can’t wear jeans to work – I’m still in desperate need of summer weight work pants.

Smoochy gave me some mad money and I don’t even know what to do with it.  So I’ve just been looking at it.  I have a horrible habit of using my mad money to pay bills and don’t want to do that this go ’round.  If you had some extra dough lying around, what would you do with it?

Anyhoo, I hope you have a lovely Monday – I will actually be working today.  For a little while anyhow.  I’ve got to pull final grades together for one group of students, get ready for a new group and start reviewing applications for prospective visiting students.  That should take….two hours max.  Guess I’ll visit – and comment – on y’alls blogs for the remainder of the day.  Peace!

Did I mention that Smoochy claims he never said he didn’t want to go see Jaheim and that he would love to be my date?!?  Dude is taking me fast.  Now I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go because again – Fantasia?  Just no.