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F*@$ Tha Police!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the police a lot.  The man, one time, the po po, 5-0.

And I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I don’t like them.  Yeah, that’s a broad sweeping statement and I’m sure if I’m ever in a pinch, my tune will change.  Maybe.

I thought back over all of the experiences I’ve had with police and pretty much all of them have been negative.

There was the time I had a blow out on the interstate in Little Rock and crept slowly off the freeway and then two officers tried to write me a ticket for operating an unsafe vehicle.  Really?  I was supposed to try and change a driver’s side flat on the side of the freeway?  (There was no shoulder). Yeah, no.  If it were your wife would you advise her to change a tire with cars whizzing by at 70 mph with little or no wiggle room?  I thought not. 

Then there was the time dude pulled me over in LA just to check and make sure I was legal.  WTH?  He kept me  pulled over for about 30 minutes.  Checked everything he could check and then let me go.  Uh, what?

My mom and I went to AL one summer just for the heck of it.  We were in Mobile and couldn’t figure out what to do/where to go.  So we saw an officer in a park and asked him for some suggestions.  That ass told us if we didn’t know what to do we could go back where we came from.  Niiice.

I won’t go into how Smoochy was stopped almost daily when we first bought our home.  Daily.  Dudes would pull him over, ask him where he was going, check all his stuff and then let him go.  After a week, Smoochy was like “just call the dude who pulled me over yesterday.  Then pass the info on to the dude who’s gonna pull me over tomorrow.”  Oh wait, I said I wasn’t going to go into that…..

And I absolutely HATE the roadblocks that officers here in MS  happen to be so damn fond of.  I get that they are checking for drunk drivers or whatever, and I can’t argue that’s not a good thing, but I still just hate being stopped and asked for proof that I’m a good, law abiding citizen.  Just rubs me the wrong way.

I could go on and on about my experiences with the police and those of my friends and family, but I guess I’ll stop here. 

Anyhoo, the reason this has all been on my mind (I guess) is because of the new law in Arizona that (to me) gave officers the “right” to determine whether or not someone was in the country legally/illegally.  Just seemed like another way to allow police to harass people of color.  I believe they’ve since amended the portion that allowed officers to “reasonably suspect” folks.

Mmmkay, so I rambled a bit.  I’d like to know what your feelings are toward officers of the law.  Have your encounters been mostly positive?  Negative?  Neutral? 

Please know that if any of you are officers or come from a family of officers this is not meant to offend you or them.  Like I said, I realize this is a pretty generalized statement.  Some of my best friends are police officers.

Every time I think about those damn roadblocks, I can’t help but think of Bob Marley’s song “Rebel Music.” Okay, so Bob was a little p.o.’d at having to throw away his “stash,” but still – he didn’t have his papers and I certainly don’t ride around with mine….

“Take my soul (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
and suss – and suss me out (suss me out). Oh-ooh!
Check my life (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh),
if I am in doubt (I’m in doubt); I’m tellin’:
3 o’clock roadblock – roadblock – roadblock,
And “Hey, Mr. Cop! Ain’t got no – (hey) hey! (hey, Mr Cop) –
(What ya sayin’ down there?) – (hey) hey! (hey, Mr Cop) –
Ain’t got no birth certificate on me now.”


9 thoughts on “F*@$ Tha Police!

  1. I don’t like the police either. Too many people I know have been harassed WITHOUT probable cause. The few positive or neutral experiences I’ve had can’t wipe out those really awful ones.

  2. The only major run-in I’ve had with a cop was NEGATIVE!!

    I waited a good 15 minutes before calling the police because my roommate was getting her a** handed to her by her boyfriend. I wanted to make sure that was exactly what I was hearing. I go downstairs and the cop (sitting in his car) tells me to “Knock on the door and tell her to come OUTSIDE”. I took a course on abuse and one of the things an officer told us was if there is a claim they must investigate. The only thing that got him to get out the car was the cursing I put on him. He wanted to arrest me. UGH!!

    The speeding tickets I’ve gotten were all my fault though. LOL

  3. I’ve had both negative and positive experiences. The negative definitely outweighs the positive in my case, I was pulled over at gun point for no apparent reason. Yes, you read correctly, I, a 22 year old blk female (at the time), was pulled over at gun point for no reason, at 2pm in the afternoon. I was in college, some white girl flagged a cop down and pointed at my vehicle saying it was stolen. I went to school in Florida, had Virginia tags, he didn’t take the time to run my plates or anything. I had pulled into a parking lot to drop a friend off, and all I saw after my friend got out of the car is an officer with a gun telling him to put his hands up. Then a plain clothes officer came, held a taser to his back while he was on the ground, while the officer came to my window with a gun to my head telling me to turn my car off. It was only after I told the officer I had proof of registration, that he put the gun down. As he read my registration, the dispatcher came across the radio with the exact same information. He simply said sorry, and have a nice day. I definitely got his information, filed a report, and they started an internal investigation, the Chief got involved, and so did the Mayor. They absolutely covered for their own, because he changed his story 3 times as to why he pulled me over. The investigation didn’t reveal anything, and the officer was put on desk duty, that was his sole punishment.

    So yeah, efffffffffff ’em!!!

  4. I despise JPD. They only work around holidays when trying to meet quota. Any other time they are off doing their own thing. I hate the ones just because you’re a cop, you feel like you can treat me like crap. That pisses me off.

  5. I have mixed feelings about law enforcement. I’ve grown up in a family full of police men, U.S. Marshalls and FBI agents. So, I love and respect the good ones because there are TONS of great ones out there. However, the sh*tty ones give the good guys a bad name. Then, when you hear of blatant and obnoxious abuses of power and miscarriages of justice, I get pissed the hell off.

  6. I have a general mistrust of police as a collective. I know there are a lot of good cops but the bad ones sure eff it for the rest. I just try to conduct myself like I need to and I will teach my children to do the same. I have heard too many instances of ordinary circumstances going disasterously wrong.

  7. I’ve had positive and negative interactions with police. My mother was a police officer, so I know that they aren’t all bad. The police I have encountered where I live now seem to be pretty good. My street has mostly minorities even though our town is mostly white, and I haven’t witnessed too much in the way of discrimination. I’ve called the police on a few occassions and from what I saw/heard the police treated everybody (I’ve called on white males and hispanic males) the same and I didn’t see any disrespect.

    Once some guys crashed into a tree and ran. The 3 witnesses (myself included) told them it was 2 hispanic males. Since there are tons of hispanics in my apartment complex, I was scared that they were going to gather everybody up. They didn’t, they went around, saw who was outside, and called back down to the officer that was with the witnesses to give more descriptive details. In all, they only brought down 5 men as possible suspects. I appreciated the way it was handled. I guess I’m fortunate to have had more pleasant experiences. (excluding the police officer that had a hooker in the car with him that hit TheCount and me and then all of a sudden nobody could find the police report and the hooker vanished from the scene of the accident. whoossahhhhh)

  8. The sad thing is that the way most police organizations run, profiling is encouraged and there’s no real consequence for racist behavior. They’re reflecting what’s accepted in the general society. There are plenty of good officers but they have a tough time within the police force. There’s the inter police force issues/racism/sexism to deal with and those are no joke.

  9. My blood was and still is boiling about the AZ mess. It’s akin to asking a citizen to show his or her birth certificate. And I’ll be da… darned (since I now know your mom is reading) if I have to show anyone my birth certificate. Straight and utter foolishness. I’m not even buying Arizona Tea do you understand me. To hell with the entire state.

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