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Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

So, your girl has truly fallen off as it relates to working out.  I mean, I have fallen far and hard!  I’ve gone from doing Shaun T’s Insanity daily to struggling to fasten my pants.  No. Ma’am!

School is over for a few weeks, so I’m going to use this time to get back on track.  This is ridiculous.  I do really well when I have a set schedule, but when I start skipping days and workouts, it gets real ugly, real fast.

Here’s my plan for this week:

Monday – Tone and Sculpt class

Tuesday – Arm workout in the a.m., 40 minutes on the elliptical

Wednesday – 50 pushups in the a.m., 40 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday – Arm workout in the a.m., 40 minutes of climbing on the treadmill

Friday – Squats and calf raises in the a.m., 30 Day S.hred DVD

Saturday -Arm workout, 30 Day S.hred DVD

In addition to working out 6 days this week, I’m cleaning up my diet, I’ve been consuming a bunch o’crap lately.  I’ll be limiting meat and sugar, going extra hard on the fruits and vegetables and….taking my lunch every day this week.

Wish me well!  I hope you’ve stayed on track with your workout efforts, but if not – there’s no time like the present to kick your game back into gear!!


7 thoughts on “Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

  1. I love the new digs…it looks all springtime-y!

    Overall I’ve been doing pretty good with my exercise regime for the past few weeks. My britches fit how I like so I’m good. LOL You’ll get back on the good foot real soon with the plan you’ve worked out.

    • Thanks! Speaking of good foot – why did mine cramp up something awful in the middle of my exercise class tonight? Rolling around on the floor trying not to scream out in pain? Not a good look….

    • Aight – I’ve got the rest of the month planned out – I’ll keep you posted – get to it! Your graduation pics were great – I can’t remember what I’ve been able to comment on and what I’ve been blocked from. Dadgum job…..

  2. Jillian Michaels is a . . . . well, you know! *lol* I hate 30 day Shred, but I’ve been doing it like every other day. Well, ok, maybe every 3rd day, but I’m refocused too (as of yesterday). Work your plan!

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