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Trifling Randoms

  • Yep.  I’m at my desk, in my cubicle, blogging on my netbook.  I’m pretty sure I need an intervention at this point!
  • Smoochy doesn’t really have any desire to go see Jaheim with me on May 22.  What?!?  Where have I gone wrong with this dude?  Abe offered to go with and I was truly tempted to take him up on that, but I’m thinking Smoochy wouldn’t be all that thrilled with my hanging out with Abe on our anniversary.  (Any other day?  He would care less!)
  • I am bored with my diet.  I want something good, new and fresh to eat.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what that is.
  • Why did I get an email from Lovegirl’s school informing me that I need to pay a  $7 graduation fee?  Sigh.  I am so over them.  $7 is not going to make or break us – but why is there a graduation fee for eight 5 year olds???
  • I love D.wight Howard’s arms the NBA playoffs!
  • I’m sorry, but uh….why is everyone shocked that L.ena H.orne died?   She was 92!!  Saddened, yes – but shocked?  I think not.
  • I don’t think I blogged about this, but I mentioned it on FB…we have switched to a new email system at work.  These chicks I work with have been griping and complaining about it for over a week.  I am trying not to snap off on them.  It is email – move on!
  • CND “Stickey” base coat is the biz!  This stuff plus the Orly top/base coat?  A pairing made in heaven.  Now, if I could only find a light nail polish I like for my fingers!  Any suggestions for the spring/summer months?
  • I wish my boss would get off FB so I can get on.  I knew I shouldn’t have friended her – even with all the privacy settings.  She’s messing up my online steelo.
  • Guess I’d better get to getting and do some work.

Make it a good one!

Oh, did I mention that my MOM blogs now?  Well, she does.  She’s MamaSez.  She made me suggested I add her to my blogroll…..feel free to stop by and pay her a visit!

Carry on!


21 thoughts on “Trifling Randoms

  1. Wasn’t your blog different yesterday?

    Did you go to Ulta without me?

    Bored with my diet, too. But, I don’t think The Waffle House last night was a big help. It’s YOUR fault for passing up IHOP last week. Get with my program, please!

    **Off to see what MamaSez**

    • Perhaps.
      What??? You neva mentioned that y’all were going to the Waffle House. We definitely would’ve come along – invited or not!
      She sez a lot! Don’t encourage her…..

  2. There’s this polish called sugar baby or something it’s a pale pale pink that’s almost white and it looks AWESOME on! I wouldn’t see Jaheim with you either… re: coworkers, let me regift your advice, ‘You can’t change people, only your reaction to them.’ LOLOL. Lorna Sass’s ‘Complete Vegetarian Kitchen’ cookbook made me almost wanna stop eating meat!! The recipes in there look so amazingly flavorful!! I’m not sure why I was surprised Lena died… maybe b/c I didn’t know she was 92? She’s been out of the limelight in recent years? IDK. Shocked, no, surprised, yes. Caught off guard.

    • If you find the name please let me know. Why all the Jaheim hate? LOL! I thought you might enjoy that. Yeah, it is definitely time for me to pull out the cookbooks or buy a new one. I’ll take surprised, just not shocked!

    • Do me a favor and delete the boss. Didn’t we talk about picking up strays on FB before?

      I too love the playoffs. It’s usually when I start paying attention.

      ^5 on the Lena Horne loss *eyes stretched* If we all could be so fortunate to live that long.

      Go ‘head MamaSez

      I absolutely love the title of this random…wish I could swipe it for myself. My material wouldn’t be nearly as funny.

  3. $7 ? We had to pay $30 for cap and gown. I paid for it might as well take use if it. And on top of that they wanted them to take pictures about a week later (which we did not, went took our own somewhere else for a cheaper price). Got me mad thinking about it all over again.

    And description of you and your sibling is too funny!!

  4. Sam’s carries Bella Sweet mini peppers. They are to die for (well in my book anyway)! They are especially good in salads but I sometimes eat them alone.

    Why are they still complaining about the email software?! And I thought I worked with idiots. *smh*

    I need to try the top/base coat combo you recommended because my polish doesn’t stay on long enough to do a proper pageant wave. I picked up this cute color called Fuchsia Power @ Wally World the other day. It’s from the Sally Hansen X-treme Wear line. It’s quite bright but I like it. They have a lot of different and unusual colors to choose from. I plan on picking up a few more in the near future to try out.

    *whispers* Delete your boss as a friend…she’ll never know. Well unless she checks her friends list religiously…then you’re screwed. Well unless you don’t then it doesn’t matter. DELETE!! LOL

    OH and remember if you go to the concert, tell Jaheim to call me! LOL

    • Y’all are gonna make me renew my Sam’s membership ~ I love bell peppers.
      I wear brights on my fingers sometimes, but usually they’re light ~ my feet are where the action is! I’m about to do a bright orange pedi in a few matter o’fact.
      She checks. Believe me, she checks. I’m stuck.

  5. I’m headed over to see what what mama nem gone say.

    Tell me why you friended your boss again? And why you are scurred to delete that ass??

  6. Yeah, I’m gonna need to you to go ‘head and delete the boss with QUICKNESS!

    Never heard of CND Stickey, but I’ll be googling it in just a minute.

    Jaheim is kinda sexy, but I don’t think I’d enjoy him in concert. I don’t really love enough of his songs. My ADD might kick in mid concert.

    • Let me know what you think if you try it.
      I’m not going to the concert. Between Smoochy’s half-hearted “I’ll go if you really want to go” and Fantasia (who I positively cannot stand!) being the opening act, we’re going to have to find another way to celebrate our eleven years of wedded bliss 🙂

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