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Hey now! How you doing?

Greetings and salutations.  Yeah man, the blogging block has been lifted and I am free to blog and read and surf the internets – the way God intended!  I’m so excited I don’t know where to begin!

How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  The church picnic on Saturday was a bust.  It started raining about an hour after we got there.  But we had a good time in the hour that we were there, so maybe bust isn’t the right word.

Sunday I found some jeans!  Color me excited.  I found them at….GAP!  Who knew?  They’ve got long lengths, weren’t outrageously priced and have the nerve to be vanity sized so I walked out of there with a size 10 instead of a 12.  I love them!  If they wear and wash well?  GAP has a customer for life!  Too bad I can’t wear jeans to work – I’m still in desperate need of summer weight work pants.

Smoochy gave me some mad money and I don’t even know what to do with it.  So I’ve just been looking at it.  I have a horrible habit of using my mad money to pay bills and don’t want to do that this go ’round.  If you had some extra dough lying around, what would you do with it?

Anyhoo, I hope you have a lovely Monday – I will actually be working today.  For a little while anyhow.  I’ve got to pull final grades together for one group of students, get ready for a new group and start reviewing applications for prospective visiting students.  That should take….two hours max.  Guess I’ll visit – and comment – on y’alls blogs for the remainder of the day.  Peace!

Did I mention that Smoochy claims he never said he didn’t want to go see Jaheim and that he would love to be my date?!?  Dude is taking me fast.  Now I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go because again – Fantasia?  Just no.


9 thoughts on “Hey now! How you doing?

  1. YAY the man gave you free!!! LOL

    Extra money?! Double YAY!!! Hmmmm, it would depend on what I had going on. If there were no urgent wants or needs, I’d probably just put it in the bank.

    I’ll be working for at least four hours today. My plan is to do no more than that (per day) since the HBIC is out of town this week. I’m trying to take advantage and am not ashamed!! LMAO

    Come on NerdGirl! You must go see Tasia Mae sing this splendiferous hit!!!

  2. AR Gal and the ALWAYS appropriate musical selection!!! **LMAO**

    I always use my mad money on bill too, so I’m definitely no help there. I always say that next time I won’t, but I always do.

    My soon to be gone boss is out today, so I’m doing an hour of work, then working on my novel for the rest of the day. Go me!

  3. I ususally have 3 to 4 hours work per week — MAX. So I am not going to spoil my overcast, chilly Monday with work-related projects. I will be sorting pix taken this weekend. Maybe I’ll post some.

    Mad $$$ — Save it for the next addition, then buy a ticket home. Just a thought.

  4. Banana Republic, Express if they’re long enough for you.

    You know what I would spend it on, right? ETSY!!!!!!!!

    Tell Smoochy he really doesn’t have to torture himself on y’all’s anniversary just to make you happy! Jaheim AND Fantasia? Concert fail!!

  5. Jahiem is coming here In June so I will be front row and center if all possible that man voice wow wow wow. Fantasia I like her she had to grow on me but even still if she didnt Jahiem yes yes yes.

    Gap and Long jeans hmmm think I need to pay GAP a visit lol

    Mad Money I tend to pay bills or buy my mini me something.

  6. Hurray for ending the blogger embargo!

    What’s mad money? Is that like money to do whatever you want with? I think I would get a PS3 to replace my Wii that got stolen. Oh yeah, I didn’t blog about that…Got something else to blog about now! That’s 4 things for the week. I’m back on my blog grind!

    I would hate that concert. I’m good on the oversingers.

  7. I used to use mad money for bills too…until I realized that the bills would still be there next month, LOL! So how bout taking a personal day off of work, taking LoveGirl to school, and getting a full body massage.

  8. mad money= money you dont have to account for = SHOPPING . I would go buy a new outfit , and even better bless my pastor with a few dollars . And fantasia actually isnt bad in concert , I saw her at the gospel fest in my city … I am gonna need for her to keep her shoes on though – you are not Ms PattiPatti

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