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Yeah, I’m Random

  • Sometimes people truly amaze me with their…..ignorance.  Like I think they’re kidding the stuff they’re saying is so dumb.  But they’re dead serious.
  • I have noticed I’m more judgmental about people’s brain power – or lack thereof – than anything else.  Bad outfit, weird hairdo, funny name?  I don’t really care.  But if you don’t have any sense, I just can’t mess with you too tough.
  • I finally bought a blue-tooth thingie so I can drive hands free.  Maybe I’ll buy an iPhone.  Next year.
  • Have I mentioned this season how much I love Top Chef Masters?  I do, I do!
  • Men, in my opinion, are easier to be friends with than women.  Men are generally just cool.  Women can be awfully, awfully bitchy over the most trite things.
  • I’m seriously thinking (again) about buying Lovegirl a dog.  I was thinking a dachshund, but read they’re not that great with kids and are hard to housebreak.  I need a small, short haired dog that’s not too yappy, good with children and won’t be hell to train.  Any ideas?
  • Speaking of Lovegirl – she slays me.  We were listening to the news and the newsreader mentioned that K.wame Kilpatrick was going to prison.  She chirps up “oh my, he’s going to prison like Icarus and Daedalus.”  Thank you C.hick Fil A for the early mythology lessons!
  • I think I lost my wedding band.

Whatcha got?


9 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m Random

  1. I can’t deal with dummies. But I also come down hard on ugly clothes and terrible names. LOLOL. I like Top Chef more than Masters. Last season I was gung ho abt both but this season Masters is working my nerves. Stace & her dog are drama & a half!! I’m so straight on puppies.

  2. I had a friend text me about a blog post. He wanted to know did I have a problem with another blogger. “NO!” That post was about a matter that I only know about. No. I am not going to share it. That is the purpose of my blogging is to release the mumbo jumbo from my brain so I can function in the real world. Interesting that people do not get it.

    • Forgot to mention, if all else fails try a mixed breed. I always used to hear people say that mixed breeds were smarter than full breeds. I can vouch for that having both. Emma is smart but nowhere near as bright as Cochise. You’ll probably find a lot of them at the local pound/shelter.

  3. I pretended to be you and took a dog breed quiz. Here are your results:

    The right dog for you is a fun, medium family pup.
    Considering that you have a small to medium yard, a moderate amount of energy, and some spare time, choosing the right dog for you means sticking with the medium-sized breeds. You don’t want a dog with too much energy because it may be hard to schedule continuous training and exercise time. But you also don’t want a dog that won’t get up and play with the family. A medium-sized Cocker Spaniel with a friendly temperament can be the right dog for you, but these medium-sized dog breeds need daily exercise. The Boston Terrier is a great medium dog that is very affectionate and social; they enjoy play time and quiet time.

    By the way, I did this in lieu of overnight said phone charger. You can pay me later. HA!!!

  4. Are you freaking out about your band? I never take me rings off so I completely freak if I lose them. And we’re just talking about a class ring and a family heirloom, not a wedding band. But I can be dramatic. All that to say, did you find it/

    • I haven’t found it, I’m not really freaking out. I’m going to start looking for a new one I guess.

      I have really – really – really – did I say really? – sensitive skin. I usually can’t wear my rings for more than a full work day. And definitely not every day. I wore it one day, it drove me batty and I took it off and put it somewhere….but there’s no telling if somewhere was a pocket, the top of a bookcase, at work…..I think it is gone for good.

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