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Loose Ends

~ Aly in VA (Happy Anniversary!) asked if I posted any pics of Lovegirl’s graduation.  Why no, no I did not.  My bad!  Did I mention that she won the “Best Reader” trophy?  She did!  Did I mention that I cried?  I did!

~ I asked the student to come in on Friday and talk to me.  I gave him the points back.  And I’m giving back the points of all the other students from whom I took professionalism points this year.  Four in all.  It had nothing to do with the fact that he was one of my favorite students.  Why?  Grace and mercy.  Where would any of us be without it?

~  Mommy Goes Bananas?  Thanks for de-lurking!  And for causing me to laugh.  Out loud!

~  I still haven’t spent my mad money.  Guess I’ll put it in the bank so it can get glad.

~  This song right here?  LOVE IT!

That’s it.  I hope that you’re off work today and not reading blogs, but if you just so happen to be stuck at work, I hope your day goes quickly.  If you’re off work and enjoying time with family and friends, I hope your day is lazy and slow.


7 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. I’m off work today, but I still have to read my blogs. I’m addicted. We’re going camping next weekend and I will probably be sitting in the middle of the woods with my iphone out checking blogs. I did order some books to take along, but since there are eleven kids going with us I highly doubt that I’ll get any reading in.
    Glad I could make you laugh, my co-worker took Thursday and Friday off and it was so peaceful. See, he also LOVES to talk…even though he doesn’t do it very well. He talks non-stop for an entire eight hour shift and if he’s not talking he’s singing. I’m trapped because we share an office. I am so through with him. I fear for his life. lol
    Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  2. I’m shocked by how many people blogged today! Almost like a regular day! Woo hoo!!! You cried at the graduation? Lololol. You are gonna be a mess at every milestone! That’s cute.

  3. Thanks for the shout out 🙂
    Aweee, what “proud” picture….can’t you just picture her like 12 years from now…and almost start crying all over again 😦

  4. She is such a cutie!

    I love that song, too. *singing* Just smile, just smile, just smile, just smiiiile for me

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