Purple Pain

Dear God in Heaven!  Why did I watch the BET Awards last night?  Oh that’s right.  Because they were honoring the other love of my life – Prince Rogers Nelson – with a Lifetime Achievement Award!  I should’ve known better than to fall for the okey-doke.

Some of last night’s better (okay, fantastic!) moments included:  Chris Brown’s MJ tribute – he did a great job!  El DeBarge!  Yeah, yeah, he looked a little….special, but his voice was on point and he took me back with his medley.  Oooooh, oooooh and I like it!  And of course, the recently released Clifford was there rocking the crowd with “Yeah Ya Know” and contributing to the painful-to-my-ears-because-of-Diddy-but-the-rest-is-okay “Hello Good Morning.” *Please note I was forced to add the preceeding sentence by a dearly beloved blogger whose name begins with the letters PSONYA.*

And now for the not so great moments.  That would be the entire rest of the show.  From Nikki M.inaj (ugh!) and her multitudinous wig/outfit changes to Puffy (ugh!), to J.anelle M.onae, T.rey S.ongz, A.licia K.eys and P.atti L.aBelle murdering my beloved’s songs, just boooo!  I’m not sure who the committee was that picked these folks but they should be FIRED!!!!!  And why didn’t they ask/beg/convince Prince to sing a song or 2 thousand???

That is all. 

Oh wait, I did enjoy the DJ Kh.alid “All I Do Is Win” performance. But that’s mostly ’cause Aidan and Lovegirl – but especially Aidan – were going HARD with their dancing and musical stylings.

Did you watch?  Did you like?

*We’ll try for another trivia contest tomorrow.  Maybe.


A Mighty Love & Other Randoms On A Hot Friday Morning

  • Nobody won the trivia contest.  The artists for #8 were The Spinners….from the song “A Mighty Love.”  Young ‘uns, I tell you….We’ll try again next week.  Shout outs to P for getting most of the blanks filled in, Mrs TDJ for getting most of the artists, and to AR Gal for almost bringing it home for the win!
  • It is hot.  You’d better get right with God.
  • When animals attack – over the past week or so I’ve seen deer (those things just creep me out!), been stung by bees, flown into by a bird (that ish kinda hurt), and run over a squirrel.  Enough already!
  • Speaking of animals….the new lady at work has been nicknamed The Chipmunk.  She sounds exactly like Alvin.  Or Simon.  Or Theodore.  Pick one.  Just know that her high pitched squeaky voice drives me nuts.  I pray a lot.  And wear earphones.
  • Lovegirl’s newest fascination?  Speaking Chinese.  Thanks a lot Ni Hao K.ai L.an!  Bless us all Lord!
  • I’m sorry, but……Michael Jackson is dead.  I do not celebrate death-aversaries.  Move along.
  • School is trying to kill me, but I refuse to go down without a fight.  6 more weeks, 6 more weeks…..
  • Big Boi’s new album?  I can’t wait!!!

I guess that’s it.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I’ll be reading law cases and starting/finishing my portfolio.  Oh the joy of it all.  Enjoy!

Jam On It

Alright – I’ve got nothing.  But it didn’t seem quite right to just leave you – or the blog – just hanging in the balance until something blog worthy happened.  Who knows when that’ll actually happen?

So….welcome to Nerd Girl’s first (last, annual, weekly…) music trivia quiz!  I’ll provide some lyrics and a few blanks.  You fill in the blanks and name the artist(s).  There’s an as-yet-undetermined prize for the first person to correctly complete the quiz.  Post your answers in the comments section.

And here you thought you were gonna have another boring Monday morning – I can feel the excitement in the air! Ready?  Begin!

1.  We don’t have to __ our __ off to have a good time.

2.  It’s __ to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on __, it’s __.

3.  This time we got a __ __.  This time we got something __.

4.  Smoking on __ in the middle of the __.

5.  I found a __ that I could speak to.  A __ that I could call __  __.

6.  Keep on __.  Don’t stop like the hands of __.

7.  Treat her like a __.  __ the __ that she ___, even help her with her __.  Treat her like a __.

8.  Once there was a __ and a __.  The boy said I __ you so.

9.  This will be an __ love.  This will be the one I __ for.

10.    I like the __ you __ your __.  And I like the __ clothes you __.

Too easy??

When We Party, We Party Hearty

It’s official.  Nerd Girl is old.

Friday a coworker asked if I wanted to go with her to hear another coworker’s band.  I am always turning her down and figured that if I could find a sitter for Lovegirl, I’d go.  I called P for one thing and she ended up agreeing to watch the kid.

So off I went to this hotel to hear the band play.  Y’all.  When we walked up all I saw were dudes in cowboy hats and wranglers.  Okaaaaay.  We paid the cover charge (5 whole dollars which shoulda told me something) and go in.  I wanted to cry.  Old people, drunk young(ish) people and four random black dudes in the corner.  I never go out and on the one night I do, this is what I get?  Sigh.

The band was good – they play cover songs.  So, we’re sitting there screaming talking over the music, and finally I say two tears in a bucket.  I’m out, I’ve paid my money, I’m about to have some fun.  I get on the dance floor and just start acting a fool.  They play Guns N Roses – I’m jumping up and down and nodding my head like I’m in a mosh pit.  They play Cupid Shuffle – I’m walking it out.  They play Prince – I’m doing my best reenactment of the Kiss video.  I had a ball!  And picked up two new “friends” along the way.  A slightly creepy dude with a huge earring in his ear who kept telling me “I liiiiike the way you move,” and a slightly creepier girl who just kept grinning at and trying to dance with me.  Moving along.

Saturday morning/afternoon I went and ran errands with P and the chirren.  We had lunch and we made it home around 4.  Lovegirl and I promptly headed upstairs to nap.  I didn’t wake up until almost 10.  I am still sore and tired – and it is Sunday as I’m typing this.  I don’t understand how two hours of acting a fool on the dance floor results in my needing physical therapy rehab.  I’m tired, my back hurts, my ankles are sore.  When and how did this happen?  I’ve never been a party girl, but I used to be able to hang.  A little….

When’s the last time you went out?  Can you still hang?  Could you ever???

She’s Always In My Hair

Nerd Girl:  Lovegirl, please hurry up and get in the car.  We’ve got to go!

Lovegirl: But Mama….

Nerd Girl:  Get. In. The. Car.

Lovegirl:  But Mama….

Nerd Girl:  No buts!  Get in the car.  I have to tell you the same thing every morning.  Get in the car, buckle up and then – and only then – can you start talking!

Lovegirl:  (mumbling to herself)  If she would let me talk I would tell her she still has her scarf on her head and should take it off before she drops me off and goes to work.

My bad.

Just Another Manic Monday

  • Oh, today isn’t Monday?  That’s how crazed things are for me right about now – I don’t even know what day it is.  Between intensive summer classes, being crazy busy at work, and trying to maintain some semblance of sanity?  I’m about to go nuts.
  • My fitness routine?  No longer exists.  I’ve officially given up until August when I’ll be done with school (whoooooooo hooooooo!) and can get back into a routine.  I have been watching my diet – hope that counts for something.
  • The new lady at work is driving us all batty.  She sounds like a chipmunk, doesn’t take direction well – okay, doesn’t take direction at all, and questions every.damn.thing.  Not in a “oh, I am so interested in learning every aspect of this job” kind of way.  More a “you couldn’t possibly know what you’re talking about” kind of way.  She is so annoying that my peeps – friends, husband, mama – hang up if she answers the phone.  Yeah, she’s that bad.
  • Speaking of chipmunks – there’s something alive in my attic.  I hear it over in the night when the house is still. I mentioned it to Smoochy when he was home last night.  His response – “yeah, I heard that the other day.”  Ummmmm…..that is so not an acceptable response.  I’mma need him to call Ghostbusters or B.illy the Exterminator or somebody.  With a quickness.  I’m pretty sure whatever the heck it is doesn’t have enough home training to stay in the attic forever and nothing good will come of it venturing into my living quarters. 
  • I think I’m going to have a vanilla ice cream cone for lunch today.  Anything else would be too much effort.
  • My niece took her state tests – missed two questions – one in language arts, one in math.  Nerd runs deep in this family – love it!
  • That’s all.  The vanilla ice cream is calling my name.  Have a great day.

Jesus Be a Fence!

Nerd Girl:  Lovegirl, come pick up these shoes and put them in your closet.

Lovegirl:  Oh, alright (in her best “heffa, leave me alone” voice).

Nerd Girl:  What did I tell you about speaking to me in that tone of voice?! Get yourself together.

Lovegirl: Yes ma’am. I’m going to put my shoes up.  I’ll do it because you have wisdom.

Nerd Girl:  What?

Lovegirl:  Wisdom, Mama, wisdom.  Don’t you know God?  Then you have wisdom.  Know God, know wisdom.  No God, no wisdom.  Doesn’t pastor tell y’all this stuff?  We kids learn it in Vacation Bible School.

* * * * * * * * * *

Nerd Girl:  Lovegirl, Ms. R. invited us to her daughter’s show choir performance tonight – would you rather go to the last night of Vacation Bible School or to see the show choir performance.

Lovegirl:  Mama, tell Ms. R I am so sorry but I’ve got to go to Vacation Bible School.  Those little children don’t know anything about God and I’ve only got one more night to teach them a few things!

God help us all.