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Hold Up Listen Partner…

I aint no cheap thrill!

But, I am all about having a few cheap thrills in my life, and what better time than summer?  Everything on this list can be had for less than $5.

Here, in no particular order, are a few of my cheap thrills:

Pure Ice nail polish.  Great variety of colors, wears well, two bucks a bottle, what more could you ask?

Ice cream.  Just look away Mrs TDJ, look away.  Whether you’re a fan of soft serve or regular ice cream, this sweet treat can be had on the cheap.  Lovegirl and I love to spend a lazy afternoon in an ice cream shop enjoying each other’s company.  Just yesterday she enjoyed a chocolate cone while I enjoyed a double dip – butter pecan and strawberry cheesecake – YUM!

Water fountains.  Not the drinking kind.  The kind that have been installed at the local outdoor shopping experience (are they still called malls??) that children can run and splash in for hours on end free of charge while parents laze on a nearby bench.  Ask me how I know!

Pandora.  I couldn’t make it through my work day without this “free” music service.  I always go over the allotted 40 free hours a month, but for a 99 measly cents, I can keep the party going.  Love it.

Summer Fruits.  Summer summer fruits, it wouldn’t be summer without them.  Does anybody else remember than jingle?  Just me?  Ah well.  From blueberries and strawberries to mangoes and cherries, I love fruit this time of year.

Vacation Bible School.  Bible learning, activities to help wear her out and free of charge!  Really?  It gets no better.

What are some of your favorite cheap thrills – summer or otherwise?


27 thoughts on “Hold Up Listen Partner…

  1. Ok, I stopped reading when you got to your ice cream dreams, but now I’m back. My teeth hurt thinking about you and Lover Girl eating all that ice cream, but I’m happy that you’re both happy *lol* My favorite cheap thrils?

    Tootsie Pops – love ’em! They remind me of my childhood and keep me occupied for an hour, preventing me from thinking of other snacks.

    Text messaging – for the low, low price of $5 a month, I have the ability to exchange endless #’s of msgs and avoid just as many phone calls.

    McD’s Sweet Tea – crack in a cup for just $1. ‘Nuff said.

  2. sinful colors nail polish – you might like that more than the pure ice polish
    taste of chicago- so many tasty foods for a good price , cant wait
    popsicles – especially the jolly rancher kind
    getting a pedicure – not 5 bucks , but worth the 20- 25 I spend just to get the chair massage
    the beach.
    ooh yellow cherries asap please
    the fact that I can wear pretty skirts and dresses with sandals, instead of tights and boots . I have a super bright yellow dress that I cant wait to wear to church , I think they will be ready for it this coming sunday .
    all of the gospel fests , and farmers markets that happen

    • I like sinful colors too! I’m just in Walmart more often than I’m in Walgreens. Sad, I know.

      I’ll be on the lookout for JR popsicles – sounds good!

      Yes ma’am on the yellow cherries! Nobody else in my family likes them, so I don’t feel bad about paying “high dollar” for six cherries.

      Work that yellow dress!

  3. The internet! Is that a bad cheap thrill? Lol. My Rachael Ray & Food Network mags cost me a total of $1.50/mo. w/subscription discounts!! How.do.you.know.about.these.water.foun.tains? Read that with your slow voice on!

  4. Hair clips from Forever 21. Less than $5 and can spruce up a crazy ‘fro day!

    Gas station tacos. For $2 each I get yummy authentic and flavorful tacos!

    Twitter: it’s free and I can talk to people all day long

    Trails and lakes. In the evenings we walk around the different lakes in our town and stroll down the trails. It’s really calming.

  5. I love the Pure Ice nail polish brand. You can’t beat the price and they have a wide variety of colors. I just picked up a fuchsia color Sunday. It’s really pretty.

    Hmmmm, let’s see cheap thrills. Sex?! *shrugs shoulders*

    And now for a musical selection

  6. I have two cheap summer thrills:
    1. Concerts in the Park starts the Monday after July 4th and continues ’til Labor Day. Take a blanket, picnic basket, see all the neighbors and friends for updates, buy a couple to night time glow sticks and twirl under the stars. Oh yeah, the music is good too.
    2. Eating dinner on the patio ever.y.day. Chilling in the evening breeze, listening to our own music mix and exhaling after a day of whatever.

  7. I think a bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s can be bought for less than $5. I also started making Tyler some frozen cups. He loves to come home from school and check to see whether it’s frozen and ready. Also watermelon.. It’s finally cheap and I can eat it all day long.

    • I wish we had a Trader Joe’s – I love that store! Great idea – I’ll be hipping Lovegirl to frozen cups too. We love watermelon too – guess I’ll pick one up today – I hope I pick a good one – nothing worse than having your mouth set for watermelon only to discover the one you picked is less than!

  8. Ice Cream. Preferably Dulce de leche from Haagan Dazs. It’s caramel ice cream with smooth creamy caramel swirls. It’s perfect for those days I need to forget I’m the parent of teenagers.

  9. Add me in for the McDees’s $1 sweet tea.

    We call it a splash pad, and I’m jealous yours is already open.

    The Dollar Tree- I bought some red, white, and blue battery operated fans for the older people for the Memorial Day BBQ. They were a hit!

    Parrot Ice(s)-They are about 1.50 and have names like Jamaica-me-Crazy.

  10. Just discovered Pure Ice…love it!

    Jumbo sno cones for 2-3 bucks…yum.

    That’s all I can think of right now…lol.

    • I think I’m going to pick up a new color – or three – today. I don’t usually paint my fingernails, but one coat of the Pure Ice colors is enough to give me a little color/shimmer and I love that. Anything goes for pedicure colors.

  11. I love our local park. Free fun for the whole family!! And I like to do the events at our local libraries. Don’t forget about the libraries!!!

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