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Just Another Manic Monday

  • Oh, today isn’t Monday?  That’s how crazed things are for me right about now – I don’t even know what day it is.  Between intensive summer classes, being crazy busy at work, and trying to maintain some semblance of sanity?  I’m about to go nuts.
  • My fitness routine?  No longer exists.  I’ve officially given up until August when I’ll be done with school (whoooooooo hooooooo!) and can get back into a routine.  I have been watching my diet – hope that counts for something.
  • The new lady at work is driving us all batty.  She sounds like a chipmunk, doesn’t take direction well – okay, doesn’t take direction at all, and questions every.damn.thing.  Not in a “oh, I am so interested in learning every aspect of this job” kind of way.  More a “you couldn’t possibly know what you’re talking about” kind of way.  She is so annoying that my peeps – friends, husband, mama – hang up if she answers the phone.  Yeah, she’s that bad.
  • Speaking of chipmunks – there’s something alive in my attic.  I hear it over in the night when the house is still. I mentioned it to Smoochy when he was home last night.  His response – “yeah, I heard that the other day.”  Ummmmm…..that is so not an acceptable response.  I’mma need him to call Ghostbusters or B.illy the Exterminator or somebody.  With a quickness.  I’m pretty sure whatever the heck it is doesn’t have enough home training to stay in the attic forever and nothing good will come of it venturing into my living quarters. 
  • I think I’m going to have a vanilla ice cream cone for lunch today.  Anything else would be too much effort.
  • My niece took her state tests – missed two questions – one in language arts, one in math.  Nerd runs deep in this family – love it!
  • That’s all.  The vanilla ice cream is calling my name.  Have a great day.

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