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When We Party, We Party Hearty

It’s official.  Nerd Girl is old.

Friday a coworker asked if I wanted to go with her to hear another coworker’s band.  I am always turning her down and figured that if I could find a sitter for Lovegirl, I’d go.  I called P for one thing and she ended up agreeing to watch the kid.

So off I went to this hotel to hear the band play.  Y’all.  When we walked up all I saw were dudes in cowboy hats and wranglers.  Okaaaaay.  We paid the cover charge (5 whole dollars which shoulda told me something) and go in.  I wanted to cry.  Old people, drunk young(ish) people and four random black dudes in the corner.  I never go out and on the one night I do, this is what I get?  Sigh.

The band was good – they play cover songs.  So, we’re sitting there screaming talking over the music, and finally I say two tears in a bucket.  I’m out, I’ve paid my money, I’m about to have some fun.  I get on the dance floor and just start acting a fool.  They play Guns N Roses – I’m jumping up and down and nodding my head like I’m in a mosh pit.  They play Cupid Shuffle – I’m walking it out.  They play Prince – I’m doing my best reenactment of the Kiss video.  I had a ball!  And picked up two new “friends” along the way.  A slightly creepy dude with a huge earring in his ear who kept telling me “I liiiiike the way you move,” and a slightly creepier girl who just kept grinning at and trying to dance with me.  Moving along.

Saturday morning/afternoon I went and ran errands with P and the chirren.  We had lunch and we made it home around 4.  Lovegirl and I promptly headed upstairs to nap.  I didn’t wake up until almost 10.  I am still sore and tired – and it is Sunday as I’m typing this.  I don’t understand how two hours of acting a fool on the dance floor results in my needing physical therapy rehab.  I’m tired, my back hurts, my ankles are sore.  When and how did this happen?  I’ve never been a party girl, but I used to be able to hang.  A little….

When’s the last time you went out?  Can you still hang?  Could you ever???


9 thoughts on “When We Party, We Party Hearty

  1. I went out this past Saturday night and it’s now 3:30pm (Monday) and I’m just NOW starting to feel “normal”. I’m only 29! LOL. I used to shut the parties DOWN, now I just can’t do it. lol

  2. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went out. Wow. Maybe right before Christmas…I think. I’ve never been a party girl per se, BUT I love, love, love to dance and no…it just ain’t the same no mo’. It takes me a while to recuperate, and I don’t dance nearly as much (or as hard, ha!) as I used to.

  3. Oh I was the QUEEN of hanging! But I need to be able to sleep indefinitely the next day! That was absolutely my exercise in college. I worked off at least 1/2 of those empty calories. I counted the night a failure if I didn’t break a sweat. As I walked out dudes would say, “Dang girl! How I miss you & you were dancin like that??” “Because you’re a failure.” Yep, I have been this person for quite a while now. But of course my bf is an old man so I’m at the crib (& kind of like it now). I last went out in Miami and was UPSET at how early everyone else was in the bed. So pointless going to Miami to be asleep by 2 am.

  4. Last time I went out was ???? I honestly can’t remember. I am only 26 and I most definitely can NOT hang anymore. I just end up nodding off the whole next day like a narcoleptic person. I even sometime fall asleep before my child at night. It’s a shame.

  5. I just got back from NYC with YOUNG ladies that are my daughter’s age and younger. I was coaching on how to hang and survive. I set the tempo! I can (out)hang with the best of ’em.

    To all of you, pace yourselves and enjoy the big folks party!

  6. The last time I went out was last year for my homecoming and TSU’s homecoming. I can’t remember which was first but they were close together. At any rate, hell no I can’t hang. When I try I fail miserably which is why I normally keep my black ass at the house.

  7. Glad you had a good time out. A good time is what you make of it. It could have been a terrible boring night but it’s good you took it upon yourself to turn it around.

    Now as far as hanging goes. I don’t get to do it that much and I haven’t done it for a looooooong time. I’m ok with that though. I am more of a home body anyway.

  8. Hung out? Hell, what’s hanging out? Um, one of my girlfriends turned 40 back in 2008, so we went out to 30 and over club in August of 2008. Partied hard until I caught a leg cramp. Ouch! Glad you had fun!

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