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Jam On It

Alright – I’ve got nothing.  But it didn’t seem quite right to just leave you – or the blog – just hanging in the balance until something blog worthy happened.  Who knows when that’ll actually happen?

So….welcome to Nerd Girl’s first (last, annual, weekly…) music trivia quiz!  I’ll provide some lyrics and a few blanks.  You fill in the blanks and name the artist(s).  There’s an as-yet-undetermined prize for the first person to correctly complete the quiz.  Post your answers in the comments section.

And here you thought you were gonna have another boring Monday morning – I can feel the excitement in the air! Ready?  Begin!

1.  We don’t have to __ our __ off to have a good time.

2.  It’s __ to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on __, it’s __.

3.  This time we got a __ __.  This time we got something __.

4.  Smoking on __ in the middle of the __.

5.  I found a __ that I could speak to.  A __ that I could call __  __.

6.  Keep on __.  Don’t stop like the hands of __.

7.  Treat her like a __.  __ the __ that she ___, even help her with her __.  Treat her like a __.

8.  Once there was a __ and a __.  The boy said I __ you so.

9.  This will be an __ love.  This will be the one I __ for.

10.    I like the __ you __ your __.  And I like the __ clothes you __.

Too easy??


21 thoughts on “Jam On It

  1. 1. take, clothes
    2. tricky, time, tricky
    3. good thang, special
    4. hay, barn
    5. dream, dream, my own
    6. moving, time
    7. lady, light, cigarette, smokes, coat, lady
    8. (?) That must be Prince. LOL!
    9. everlasting, waited
    10. way, comb, hair, stylish, wear

  2. I won’t repeat the lyrics since Pserendipity got them all except #8.

    Hmm, #8 – boy, girl, love?

    1. Jermaine Stewart, who could forget that sweetie pie? *lol*
    2. Run DMC
    6. Soul II Soul
    7. The Temps
    9. Natalie Cole (love that song!!)
    10. DeBarge (who didn’t think they were just real light skinned black folks when they first came out?????)

      • Ummm… Debarge?? Yes, they are Black. Why do you think that they aren’t?

        The Jetts – I thought they were Samoan or Tongan maybe?

      • *LMAO* My bad!! I was thinking of the Jets – they are Tongan!! When I read your response, I was like, “Damn TDJ, you just watched their Unsung special! *lol* You know they’re black!”

      • Awwwwwwwwwwww shucks!!!

        1. take, clothes
        Jermaine Stewart

        2. tricky, time, tricky
        Run DMC

        3. good thang, special
        Johnnie Taylor

        4. hay, barn
        Crucial Conflict

        5. dream, dream, my own
        Etta James

        6. moving, time
        Soul II Soul

        7. lady, light, cigarette, smokes, coat, lady
        The Temptations

        8. boy, girl, love
        I have no damn idea.

        9. everlasting, waited
        Natalie Cole

        10. way, comb, hair, stylish, wear

  3. Good job on playing and sharing the sound track of my life. OK, maybe it’s a partial sound track. I don’t know them all and you know that!

    • 1/2? For you I’ll have to have a special DM trivia day 🙂

      I’m still confused – I thought/think DeBarge is black? I knew The Jets were Tongan…or something similar.

  4. I was all late, and didn’t have a chance (lol), but it was fun to guess. Can’t wait until the next one. 😀

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