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I am

  • happy it is Friday
  • concerned about Lovegirl being exposed to and influenced by people and things I don’t necessarily agree with
  • continually amazed at what comes out of my kid’s mouth – no filters whatsoever
  • glad I bought Big Boi’s new album
  • probably going to have to cook and consume an actual meal in the very near future
  • so excited that I have less than a month left in school
  • looking forward to setting and accomplishing new goals
  • going to the black rodeo with Smoochy and Lovegirl on Saturday
  • bored with my job
  • proud of my re-organized and cleaned out closet
  • not so pleased with the grade I got on my case summary in law class
  • thankful that God favors me
  • amused at my Mother’s recounting of the vacation she’s currently on with her friend-girls
  • loving GAP and in disbelief that I slept on them for so long
  • already looking forward to fall
  • truly frightened at how…dense some of our future doctors are
  • wondering why I still haven’t done anything with my mad money
  • going back to the gym in August – because…
  • getting really soft and mushy
  • noticing that everyone’s blogging has slowed considerably
  • hoping it is temporary
  • disappointed in the current administration
  • hopeful for real change
  • in need of a new lipgloss/lipstick
  • wishing you all a happy and safe weekend – be well!

16 thoughts on “I am

  1. Going to a black rodeo has been on my “wish list” forever! Hope you guys have a great time.

    Mad money sits and sits with me, until I finally spend it on a bill or my son. =( Try to enjoy yours!

    Have a fantastic weekend!!

    • It should be a good time ~ I may go get my little cowgirl some boots. You know she’s all about fashion.

      I refuse to spend it on anyone but me this go ’round. Which explains why I still have it…

      You too!

    • Girl, please. I can’t hang until 10:30! Sad, but true.

      Can’t help it! I come from a long line of even-tempered two tears in a bucket type people 🙂

    • Maybe we’ll see you at the parade?? I haven’t told Lovegirl about it, but if we’re up, we’re going. And there’s a 99.9% chance that we’ll be up!

  2. I’ve been meaning to try and listen to Big Boi’s album online somewhere. I have to do a quick Google search in a sec.

    Mistah has been trying to get me to go to a black rodeo (and a baseball game) forever in day. I can’t get past the fact that I think I’ll be bored. LOL Ya’ll have fun!

    • The rodeo was great. We didn’t make it to the end – Lovegirl was getting restless and I was sleepy. I think we only missed 30 minutes or so.

      I love baseball! Not so much the actual game (though I do watch from time to time) but there’s just something about sitting at the park, eating junk food and singing silly songs that floats my boat. Try it – you might be surprised!

  3. Black rodeo sounds exciting! God’s favor is amazing! The Gap has stepped up their game in jeans for short women. Me happy about that! Have you tried Stila for lipgloss? Good stuff. I love being organized, hate doing it! Lucky you. Have a great weekend as well!

    • I can only imagine if their sizes and fits are this awesome on the tall end that they are equally great on the short end. Nothing like clothes that actually fit!

      I am weird – I love to organize. Clean, not so much. But organizing brings me joy. I’m about to be one happy sister…

      What color Stila? The lipglaze? I’ll give ’em a look next time I’m in Sephora.

  4. I second Stila

    Ain’t nothing better than His favor.

    You may be happy to hear I visited mine yesterday…meaning 18 or more minutes ago lol

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