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Yea or Nay

 VANELi Women's Wain Flat


9 thoughts on “Yea or Nay

  1. LOLOL. I love that we’re all like yeah… no ma’am. I think part of the fact is that there’s no animal that looks like that, then the rounded pointy toe (which I normally like) and the huge buckle. BUT if after all that you still like them & they’re on sale, I think you should get them. They’re your feet. AND YOU STILL HAVE MAD MONEY YOU NEED TO SPEND!!

  2. I think they are very limiting. I could only see them working with maybe 3 colors. But if you like them , I love them

  3. I looked at them from all angles and I don’t hate them. I like some animal print although I have yet to see and animal with that particular skin… LOL! However, I agree that they would be limiting unless your wardrobe is filled with brown. They wouldn’t be to bad with some dark denim jeans and skirts. But I think you would need a sweater up top vs a tee. Okay I can be extra I created you a polyvore with a few ideas to go with those shoes if you get them. I’m with Jameil if you like them and you have mad money go for it!
    4 Nerdgirl

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