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Y’all!  I’ve mentioned a few times about the poundage I’ve acquired over the last few months as school has taken over and exercise and healthy eating have taken a backseat.  Well, it is time for me to get back on track.  I took the stairs at work for the first time in a few weeks and I was panting – panting! – by the time I made it to my desk. Uh. Uh. No way!  So, even though I don’t plan on hitting the gym again until August, I’ve got to take some small steps to get myself ready to get right again.

So I’m setting a few small and attainable goals for this week.

This week I will:

Bring my lunch every day

Take the stairs every day

Not eat any fast food

Do a minimum of 20 pushups a day

Not only do I have to get right but I’ve got to keep Lovegirl on track to living a healthy life – I have to lead by example.  And lately?  I’ve been setting a piss poor example.

Gotta go – I’ve got a menu to plan, healthy groceries to buy and 20 pushups to get in!

Has anybody else re-evaluated their health/fitness plans?  What are you doing differently?  What have you found that works for you?


6 thoughts on “Goal!

  1. I set my goals on the blog and decided I wasn’t going to give myself excuses anymore. I also use OnDemand’s variety of workouts to keep me from getting bored. Yay!!

  2. yep , the recent hospitalization of a family member has encouraged me to eat better and work out more. My friends and I want to join flirty girl fitness

  3. I haven’t worked out in two weeks because of this damn wreck. Stress and pain was taking a toll on me. Thankfully my diet hasn’t been that bad. Apparently stress makes my appetite decrease. At any rate, I’m starting back exercising tomorrow.

  4. Late too the party. You can do it! Get a fab lunch bag that helped pack a lunch and doing the stairs will get you where you need to be!

  5. Spinning! It helps me run faster, and running helps me be a better spinner, lol. I love it!

    Oh, and I cut out a lot of bread in the past few months…I realized that I eat it a lot more than I thought. I’m finally seeing some great results, but I have a while to go.

    Stay encouraged! 😀

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