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Free At Last (Almost) Friday!!

  • To borrow a “phrase” from Pserendipity…..woot woot!  Tomorrow I take my law final and with the exception of a final report for my practicum – I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!
  • Thanks for all your input on my little gimme girl.  I’m going to continue to roll with team “no ma’am” for the majority of her requests but will consider some of them around birthday/Christmas time.  Just to clarify – I’m not anti name brands, but I am anti name brands just for name brands sake. 
  • I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!  Just in case you weren’t paying attention the first time…
  • I did pretty well with my “getting back right” goals for the week.  I didn’t quite make 20 push ups every day – but most days I got in at least 15.  Every other goal was met.  Next week I’m going to work on reducing the amount of sugar I consume in addition to continuing this week’s goals.
  • I can’t believe the summer is, for all intents and purposes, over.  Next week is Lovegirl’s last week of summer camp and school starts on the 9th.  Her schools supplies have been purchased – school clothes are a whole ‘nother story.  Operation no-naked-kindergartner goes into full effect next week.
  • How sad is it that I am mucho excited about the fact that a T.J. M.axx is opening up just down the street?!?!  And that I know it is opening on August 15th?
  • I’m so looking forward to being able to go back to Bible study on Wednesday nights.  I can definitely tell a difference in my attitude since I haven’t been able to attend because of school.
  • For a brief moment (or two) I considered re-enrolling Lovegirl in the World’s Best Little Christian School.  If I did that, she’d be in 1st grade instead of Kindergarten and then could start public school next year in the 2nd grade.  Of course, if I did re-enroll her, I’d likely be blogging from prison, ’cause I’d surely lose my mind and accidentally kill severly injure the crazy no-spelling director.  And I’m only 1/2 kidding. 
  • Speaking of Lovegirl – I am loving coconut oil on her hair!  It has made a world of difference in detangling and in retaining moisture.  Her hair is usually very dry, but the coconut oil has her hair full of sheen and much, much softer.  Love it!!  I used it as well, and wasn’t as wowed, but I think I’m going to continue to use it and see if makes a difference in softening up my hair.  I think I’ve mentioned before how very rough my dreads feel.  No me gusta.
  • Anyhoo, that’s it.  I need to get back to this oh-so-dull law review. 

Hope everybody has a great, safe weekend.  Peace, love, and soul! 

Nerd Girl, MPH, MA



8 thoughts on “Free At Last (Almost) Friday!!

  1. OMG! Congrats on finishing school! I can’t wait till Nov of 2012(LOL) when I can say the same!

    My daughter’s hair soaks up oils too. I’m going to give coconut oil a whirl on her.

    You have your MPH? I need to send you an email. I have a few questions if you don’t mind(in re: the MPH program)

  2. Little gimme girl…..*snickers*

    TJ Maxx stores give reason to rejoice. I haven’t been there in like a month and from the looks of it won’t be going anytime soon. LOL Live it up for me!!

    Look at those credentials. That’s fancy! CONGRATULATIONS again!

  3. Yay, done!!! Rashan loves coconut oil on his silky locks. *snicker* I’m so proud of my working out! It’s going great! Yay!! Stay away from that school!!! Lol.

  4. Just remember starting Friday til Saturday, there is no sales tax on clothing or shoes purchases under $100.
    Uniforms are on sale at Old Navy. (Don’t know it they still are doing this, but if you show student/teacher ID, you can get 25% off your purchase) I racked up on uniforms for my kid.
    Ok, I’m rambling…plus 50% off already clearance items.

  5. Congrats on finishing school! God is good!! And yay for getting your life back! 😀

    TJ Max.x brings joy…I am happy for you. Lol

    Coconut oil is the truth! My hair loves it whether I’m fully relaxed or transitioning.

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