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Day 2 – My First Love

My first love?  A college boyfriend, Q.   We started out as really good friends – we were both biology majors – so nearly all of our classes were together.  We hung out, we studied, we played spades, we went dancing.  We had a really good time together.  We just clicked.

And then – I wasn’t dating anybody, he wasn’t dating anybody, that darn B.onnie R.aitt song was popular (Let’s Give ’em Something to Talk About), everybody on the yard thought we were dating, and so we decided to start dating each other. 

We hung in there for a few months and all was well.  Then one night while I was at work (Welcome to S.honeys, my name is Nerd Girl, what I can get you to drink?) the phone rang and it was for me.  I answered it and on the other end was this girl who was on the yard with us telling me that she and Q….knew each other in a Biblical type fashion.  I was like “oh, okay.  Did you want to place a to go order?”  She was stunned and said “uh, no.”  “Mmmkay then, bye” and I hung up.

When Q came over the next day, I broke up with him.   If he was ready to move on, I would’ve preferred he just tell me, ya know?  The whole cheating thing just hurt my little heart. 

I guess I got over it relatively quickly, ’cause we went right back to hanging out and chillin’ much like we had before we had the brilliant idea to start dating each other.  As a matter of fact, when I met Smoochy a few months later, Q and I were hanging out so tough, Smoochy thought we were dating.  Of course, he also thought I was dating Brad the Que…I digress. 

Anyhoo, I’m glad Q broke my heart and I broke up with him.  ‘Cause even though I swore off men (at the ripe age of 20) Smoochy came along a few months later, and we’ve been kicking it ever since!


7 thoughts on “Day 2 – My First Love

  1. Bwahahahha! I know that girl probably had to pick her face up off the ground. She called tryin to be spiteful and got SERVED! #pow LOL

  2. I found out recently that my college boyfriend is getting a divorce. I felt so bad for him, he has 2 kids. I often wondered why I had to wait so long to find someone but everyone has their season, this is mine.

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