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Day 4 ~ What I Ate

Warning:  do not drive, operate heavy machinery or do anything else which requires one to stay awake while reading this boring post. 

Today I ate:

Grapes and cheddar cheese for breakfast.

Shredded wheat for a.m. snack.

Turkey sandwich, pretzel sticks, and apples for lunch.

Popcorn for p.m. snack.

I’m having spaghetti, broccoli and naan for dinner.



13 thoughts on “Day 4 ~ What I Ate

  1. ERm… don’t feel any pressure to eat more interesting meals since people will be reading this… there’s nobody here but us chickens… *cluck*

    • Yeah, I started to force myself to eat more interesting so I could blog about the tea scented curried prawns on a bed of wilted bok choy I ate, but eh. Too much trouble to be that interesting 🙂

  2. I just left a comment on MzInspiredMind’s post that I hate this topic. I tried to add pics to mine to spice it up, lol.

  3. Red or green grapes? Apples plural? How many did you eat!? What kind of popcorn? Do you ever make your own in a popcorn maker, it’s delicious. What brand naan bread? Was it plain or garlic flavored?

    I love food, let me go ask everybody else a bunch of nosey questions about their food.

    • Red. Apple slices – red and green – the presliced kind – maybe 3/4 of an apple? Cheese popcorn. No, I don’t eat popcorn often enough for a popcorn maker. The naan at WalMart. It was garlic flavored. Oh, you didn’t ask, but the spaghetti I made? Awful!

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