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Day 5 ~ What is love?

Love is soft, love is sweet….

Love is 8 pounds, 4 ounces of blinking brown baby.

Love is nice and love is gentle…

Love is cuddling up to the same man year after year and not wanting to be anywhere else.

Love is joy and love is pain…

Love is the joy you feel as your child learns to navigate the world on her own terms.  Love is the pain you feel knowing that every day she grows away from you just a little more.

Love is laughing in the rain…

Love is sitting around with your brothers “remembering when.”  Love is watching three little knuckleheads grow and mature into three older knuckleheads.

I got love on my mind…

Love is thinking about all those who have gone before us and how much better our lives are for having known them.

Love is always right on time…

He may not come when you call Him, but he’s always right on time.  He’s an on time God.  Yes He is. My God has never failed me.

Love is you, love is me…

Love is good times with great friends. 

Love is gonna set you free…

Love is being secure in the knowledge that the people who love you?  Really love and accept you – flaws, kooky habits and all.  And that is liberating beyond belief. 

Love is family, family is love.


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