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Seis Dias ~ My Day

Just waking up in the morning.  No smog, no barking from the dog, and mama cooked a breakfast with no hog.  Today is going to be a good day – I’m claiming it early!

I’m at work, but barely working.  My sole work-related goal today is clean my desk up and off.  The rest of my time will be spent trolling the internets for lunch ideas for Lovegirl and making and going over my list to make sure she’s good to go for school on Monday.  The only things she still needs – I think – are a lunch bag and a water bottle.

I’ll be breaking camp early today to take her to the beauty shop for the first time.  I’m going to have her hair washed, deep conditioned, pressed/flat-ironed, and her ends clipped.  My mama acted like I was perming the child’s hair. “Whyyyyy?  Uh uh, she doesn’t need all of that, you can do it, her hair looks good when you do it….”  I just don’t feel like fooling with her hair this weekend and her ends are in pretty rough shape.  And the last time I tried to clip them, well, let’s just say I’m leaving that to the pros from here out.

Anyhoo, that’s all I’ve got for today.  Have a great weekend.  Be well.  Buy some stock in Kleenex – I’m going to be a crying/blubbering fool on Monday when I put my little chiquita banana on the school bus for the first time!!

Edited to add:  Speaking of crying and blubbering…she was NOT feeling her first trip to the salon.  At all!

Won't be doing this again for a while. A long while!


15 thoughts on “Seis Dias ~ My Day

  1. Do I live in the Dark Ages? School starts on Monday? Where the heck are you? In MI & IL, state law says school starts after Labor Day. Period.

    I’m a believer of year-round school though.

    • Most of the schools in the south go back pretty early and always before Labor Day. Try as we might to will them to change their minds, it just didn’t work. LOL

    • I live in IL and I have NEVER started school after labor day. I just got out of school and I am going back in 2 weeks . UGh

  2. Ohh ahhh! We love Ice Cube. Awww is LoveGirl starting 1st grade? @Jurista…Dony starts school on the 16th and Ry starts on the 30th(both of Aug). I agree w/ you …I think school should be year round too.

  3. Getting my stock now! Lol. Po thang. You, I mean. She’s gonna have a blast! My sister and I loved getting our hair done when we were little! Press & curls for us, too!

  4. Oooooooo, the press!!!! I can’t tell you how much I despised getting my hair pressed as a child. Covering the ear with the grease can lid, flinching when she got near my edges and getting burned. *faints* Even with all that, my hair looked great! LOL

    • Did you call Lovegirl before her appointment? I figured I’d better leave it to the pro – and still she clowned! Back to Nerd Girl’s House of Beauty it is. Dammit.

  5. * does a slow crip walk to the song* WestSiiiiide!! LOL!
    Anyway awww the hair salon is so special. I love when the little girls get their hair done while I’m there. It’s too cute! Them primping in the mirror and shaking their hair when fininshed. Oh Goodness! Get ready girl! Lovegirl looks like the primping type LOL!

    • West Siiiiiide!

      I was sure she was going to love the whole beauty shop experience. I was soooo wrong! But she did – through her tears – love her hair.

  6. Have a great day at school on Monday, Lovegirl! You hang in there, Nerd Girl, poor thing. 😦

    I hate that she was so upset, but her hair IS fab! 😀

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