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Day 7 ~ My Best Friend

I don’t have one.

The end.


19 thoughts on “Day 7 ~ My Best Friend

  1. I dont like the term “best friend” as it makes it seem like you value that person more than your other friends. I value all of my friends, except for those I know I dont want to be associated with , hence the reason they are associates

  2. Geez. What a kick in the balls. I mean, what am I??? Chopped liver??? See, I know you don’t even like chopped liver. Helllloooo???

    • Actually, chopped liver is a secret love of mine.

      You have balls?

      See Jazz’ comment – pretty much sums it up. I love all my peeps – how could I pick a “best?”

      Though, if it would make you stay I would kick that damn reasoning to the curb and declare you “The Best Eva!!!”

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