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Day 9: My Beliefs

I believe in:

God ~ Love ~ Family ~ Laughter ~ Dessert First ~ Traveling ~ Being Nice ~ Good Music ~ Accessories ~ Calling a Spade a Spade ~ Sending “Just Because” Notes ~ Being Nontraditional ~ Good Shoes ~ Hot Tea ~ Cute Wallets ~ Living a Drama-Free Life

and in letting go when holding on is all you want to do.


10 thoughts on “Day 9: My Beliefs

  1. It seems like only yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting her arrival and now look at her. Her first day at big folks school! She looks like she is ready for everything and every body. I’m shedding a Cali tear for my girl.

  2. I live in the wrong region. School does not start till September 7th here.

    I heart the non-traditional. I’d be the chick who didn’t wear white at her wedding, held in a off-beat location and threw the wedding party idea out the window.

    I wear rings on my fourth finger, left hand. I think I just got an idea for another blog post! Lol.

    My Granny always had dessert first. Especially if key lime pie was on the menu. Good thing to live by.

  3. *Yayyyy, yayeee!*

    Awww! She looks soo cute!
    Great beliefs! God!
    Yes to dessert first, especially if it’s Key Lime pie!
    Shoes OMG!

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