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Day Ten…What I’m Wearing

WP is tripping.  I can’t get my layout correct…roll with it por favor.

Today’s outfit:

My "uniform." I wear a variation of this pretty much every day!

Told y'all I was going back to get them. For $23, how could I not? 🙂

 Pants – NY&Co
Tank – Tarjhay
Sweater – SteinMart
Necklace – Kohls
Bracelets – Dollar Jewelry Store

I also threw on a wide brown belt and my freedom papers work i.d. which allows me to roam the halls freely!


6 thoughts on “Day Ten…What I’m Wearing

  1. Freedom papers….*snickers*

    Those shoes are really too cute. I need to go check out Nine West’s website. I’m really behind on my ‘dressing up for work’ game. Being able to wear jeans everyday has really made me lazy.

  2. I agree w/ AR Gal. I’m a case manager and able to dress down almost every day. I have gotten so lazy behind that. I need to step it up.

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