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My Bruhs – Day 11

Geesh.  This may be the hardest post I’ve ever written.

My brothers.  What to say about those jokers?  Well, I’ve got three of them and they’re all younger than me – ’75, ’80, and ’83.  I wasn’t necessarily close to any of them until they got to college.  We’ve always been cool, and the love is definitely there, but the three boys definitely had more in common with each other than they did with me.  The older we get, the closer we  are.

Numero uno: He’s pretty easy to pick out in a crowd.  He’s about 6’9″ and probably weighs….175 pounds.  Did I mention his nearly waist-length dreadlocks?  He is the life of the party – any party – and needs frequent reminding that he’s a grown a** man.  I believe his lifelong goal is to remain the “Partyking.”  He’s very kind-hearted and family oriented in a strange way.  He’ll beg and bug you to come visit, ignore you the whole time you’re there, and almost weep when you leave.  Alrightie then…He is truly a people person and I don’t know how he keeps up with all of his frat brothers, friends, associates and contacts.  You know how as the younger sibling you’re always known as “so and so’s younger brother?”  Not with this dude – I’m known as “the Partyking’s sister.”  When I’m feeling down, he is the brother I’m most likely to call – he can cheer me up in a second and encourages me to waste no time on regrets and to fully enjoy the life I’ve got.  In our immediate family he’s known as “#1” – he’s the tallest, eats the most, got the most spankings growing up, first born son… He’s Baba (father) to my niece and nephew and ex-husband to my favorite sister-in-law.

Dos – This dude right here….for a long time, I didn’t like him even as I loved him.  He was kinda mean and even though I am 8 years older than he is, he was scary.  It took him a while to grow out of his meanness but  now he’s my buddy!  We often laugh and joke about the fact that he has somehow become the most level headed and mature brother I have.  He looks the most like my mom – and got her height – or lack thereof.  I will never forget the day that #1, his LB, and I went to the bus station to pick Dos up so he could begin his college career (yeah, he pissed my parents off so bad they put the boy on the bus from CA to AR with nothing more than a duffle bag.  LOL!).  Anyhow, he got off the bus and started walking toward us.  LB was like “where’s your brother?”  #1 and I were like “he’s right there – walking toward us.”  LB was dead serious as he looked at Dos and was like “where?”  We kept saying “he’s right there, that’s him, the dude walking toward us.”  Once LB realized that we really meant the little short yella fella walking toward us was our brother?  He literally fell on the ground rolling with laughter!  He was shocked – to say the least – about the….differences in our physical appearance.  We all laugh about this all the time.  Anyhow, he’s cool people, we’ve taken a few trips together over the past couple of years and I look forward to more in the future.  Now, if I can just get him to make a move and propose to his live-in girlfriend….

Tres – What’s that saying?  An enigma wrapped in a mystery?  That would be my youngest brother.  I feel as though I hardly know him at all.  He was 5 when I left for college so we didn’t really grow up together.  He’s the most adventurous brother – he’s jumped out of planes, skied, played water polo – and yet the most reserved.  If there was ever a kid who thought he was GQ, it was this brother right here.  I think he was wearing 3 piece suits when he was 2!  I guess with the wild ones who preceeded him he was just trying to stay quiet and out of the way – he called me not too long ago and asked what my middle name is.  I don’t know how he didn’t already know this, but he swore up and down he didn’t.  I can’t imagine not knowing my siblings’ full names, but maybe that’s because I’m the oldest?  I don’t know.  Anyhow, he’s the most by-the-book brother that I have and is poised to take over corporate America before he turns 30.  We are becoming “reaquainted” thanks to weekly Skype sessions and the future arrival of his first child who is due in January.  Or maybe it’s February…..

They’re different, they’re mine, they’re my brothers.  They are the only reason I’m sorry to raise Lovegirl as an only child!

#1, our Baba, Tres, and Dos


14 thoughts on “My Bruhs – Day 11

  1. What a handsome group! I’ve always wanted brothers! You are soooo lucky! Even with the ups and downs it’s great to have a close family! Thanks for sharing! Great post!

  2. Brrrrrrrrr it’s cold in here. There must be some Alphas in the atmosphere! I sure hope that’s the frat sign they are throwing up otherwise I’m going to be real shame! LOL

  3. Shortie by your Dad better be glad I was never in Pine Bluff. HOTTIE!!! And your mom would SO like me better.

    Anyway, everyone knows your middle name is Melissa Jean Inez. I mean, c’mon…

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