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Day 13 ~ This Week ~ Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Thumbs up:  Lovegirl started Kindergarten at her new school and is absolutely loving it.

Thumbs down:  On Monday they sent my child home on the bus – to an empty house – when she was supposed to be in the afterschool program.  Thank God the bus driver waited and took her back to school.  Um, yeah.  Those 5 gazillion forms where I wrote “afterschool program” should’ve been a clue for someone…

Thumbs down:  Our downstairs air conditioning unit died last night.

Thumbs up:  Our home warranty plan will cover all but $75 of all associated costs – including a new unit which is pretty much what we’re going to need. 

Thumbs up:  Re-establishing friendships on Facebook.

Thumbs down:  Friend requests from people I don’t recognize at all.  Who are these people???

Thumbs up:  My new work schedule – 730-4.  Damn Darn an hour lunch – I’d much rather leave work/get home early.  Besides, if I take an occasional hour, two hour lunch – no one cares.

Thumbs down:  Lovegirl’s request that I stop picking her up so early (430) – she loves her afterschool program and wants to stay longer.  Which means I can run errands and chillax before I pick her up.  Which means I have bought something nearly every day this week 😦

Thumbs up:  Our pastor’s teaching on the power of words.  I have really been trying to monitor what I say (see crossed out “damn” above as an example!), how I say things, and what I listen to.  I am really enjoying this series, both in church and at Bible study.

Thumbs down:  I have an unabashed love for rap music.  Not necessarily the most positive genre there is….

Thumbs up:  To you!  Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting.  I appreciate it.  Have a great weekend!


16 thoughts on “Day 13 ~ This Week ~ Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

  1. Those are the same hours I work. And I feel the same. I take 15 minutes to scarf down my lunch then I am back at it. I don’t need a lunch break. I need to go home…as soon as possible.

    I am glad they didn’t leave Lovegirl at the house. That is terrible. I hope they clear that mess up because I would have been livid.

    I love rap too. But mostly older stuff from the 90’s. The stuff today is not to my liking.

    • Oh yeah, I’m definitely a fan of the older stuff. I did buy Big Boi’s new CD, but that’s because he and ‘Dre can do no wrong in my eyes!

      Michael Baisden was playing old rap today on my way home – I’m surprised no one called the highway patrol on my trying-to-cabbage patch-while-driving self!

  2. I work 7-4 and I love it! Get in early, get out early!

    *shakes fist at the incompetence of the folks at Lovegirl’s school* Next thing you know they will be painting school signs on the road ‘SHCOOL’. Reading is fundamental!

    The ignore button on FB is utilized heavily in my world. This random dude has requested me to be his friend multiple times. Mane, ion’t know you!!!! He sent his latest request a few weeks ago. This time I blocked dat @ss!!

    I love me some rap and I am not ashamed! Who you lovin’? Who you wanna be huggin? Ridin’ on yo’ Ninja Honda with Tanisha and Rhonda whaaaaaaa??!!! Okay, it’s not really a rap song but that line cracks me up every time I hear it in MJB’s ‘I Can Love You’.

    • That SHCOOL picture kills me! I think Lovegirl’s old director may be moonlighting as part of the street painting road crew.

      I am definitely over the fake friending on FB. Come on, really?

  3. Love the thumbs up and thumbs down list. I would have been pissed for you had he left baby girl by herself. I pray they never make that mistake again. AR GAL you got me cracking up with the Lil Kim line. That’s my jam LOL

  4. I’m glad she likes school! That whole AC thing scares me.. I have mine checked each summer but the summer they say “YOu’ve got to buy a new one.” I’m gonna pass out. I’ve slacked on bible study recently. Must remedy that.

    • Me too! Unfortunately she also thinks she’s on “vacation” – she was in K at the
      Christian school and is a little ahead of what they’re currently learning. She is quite pleased that the most strenuous part of her day is writing her name. Believe – I already have a conference scheduled!

      I’m just now getting back to Bible study – I had a Weds. class this summer. I am so glad to be back!

      Don’t tell anybody…it never occurred to me to have them checked! But I will from here out. Thanks.

  5. When I first heard my pastors teach on the power of words, it changed my life.

    We listen to gospel rap. There are a lot of really good Christian artists. Even MrC’s non-Christian friends comment on how they like some of the artists.

    • My problem is that I already like what I like. I don’t like most of the new stuff, but I’ll listen to old Ice Cube or Outkast in a minute.

      I really do think this is going to be a powerful series and I’m going to do my best not to miss a Sunday or Wednesday.

      Can your sister come hook Lovegirl’s hair up? She’s got skills!

  6. I’m so envious of all you folks with early schedules. I come in at 9am and work till 0 dark 30. I’m still smh at those fools for trying to drop Lovegirl off. I have almost 400 friends on facebook and I keep being surprised with more requests. Who are you people? Do I really know you? We’re visiting a new church on Sunday and I’m hoping for the best. Have a great weekend!

    • 9? I wouldn’t even know how to act! Sleeping past 5 would be a treat. But I guess you pay for it getting off so late. Sorry.

      Hope you enjoy the new church.

  7. Hahahaha! I love this post! I think I’ll be forced into being an am person when I’m a mother but right now? I’m just irritated by the thought of it!

    • How you gonna be irritated in advance?!? LOL! I’ve always been a morning person – who likes to sleep. I just can’t sleep as much as I’d like. I’ve never been able to handle late nights – the thought of staying up late makes me want to cry.

      You know you can train the little kiddo right? I’ll tell you my secrets – all I need is some sort of credit on your next film. We’ll talk!!

  8. So happy Lovegirl is loving school. It could’ve went either way! Boooooo! to them for missing the memo about the afterschool program! Yaaaay! to a wise insightful busdriver. I have to get back to minding my words!
    OMG love, love, love the beats of rap music. The beats get me EVERYTIME!
    shake it fast, watch ya self, sho me what chu workin wit Ahhh takes me back!

    • The bus driver definitely guaranteed himself a Christmas gift!

      I was watching Mystikal videos at work the other day – I’m thinking shouting “danger!” from a cubicle is not a smooth move….

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