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Day 16…Mwah!

I wish I had some romantic, first love, moonlit story to share.  But really?  I got my first kiss in Pine Bluff, AR from some dude whose name was Andrew.  I think.  He liked me, I didn’t like him, but he was a persistent little joker and I kissed him so he would leave me alone.  Yeah, I didn’t realize the exact opposite would happen.  LOL!  Anyhow, I must’ve been about 12 or 13 and was spending the summer with my grandma.  If she’d known I was kissing undesirables from the neighborhood I’d have been on lockdown for the rest of the summer!  All I remember about Andrew was that he was a little older, had a curl, and had lofty career goals – he was going to Job Corps.  I still can’t believe I was impressed by that.  Anyhoo, it was awkward, it was quick, it was pretty bad.  It was my first kiss.  Thankfully, not my last 🙂


6 thoughts on “Day 16…Mwah!

  1. @ AR gal Why????????????????
    Yes, thankfully it wasn’t your last and isn’t it crazy the things we were impressed with as teens?

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