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The 19th Day: A Regret

In addition to what follows, I regret the fact that my home internet service is acting all kinds of wonky which has prohibited me from posting.  Hopefully the tech and I can get it straightened out this evening.

Moving on…

I don’t generally spend a lot of time on regrets or guilt.  I think both have a tendency to hold you prisoner, and I’m all about freedom.  Just because I don’t wallow in regrets doesn’t mean that I don’t have any – I just don’t have many and I don’t think about those that I do have often. 


I regret not having given my career more thought when I was younger.  It didn’t occur to younger me that simply getting a degree – or three – wasn’t enough.  That I needed to concentrate on what/who I wanted to be professionally and make the moves to make it happen.  I’ve always been pretty fortunate and have worked a number of good jobs and two really great ones.  However, they’re just jobs.  I’d like a career. 

I truly wish I’d considered this as I was choosing my major and definitely would have done some things differently.

I know it’s not too late, and I’m currently researching options for attaining my PhD at little – or no – cost.  (If anyone knows how to get a PhD for little $?  Holler at your girl!)  I’d like to teach Public Health and since most Public Health courses are graduate level, I’m gonna need another piece of paper in my hand in order to be able to do so.

I also regret not buying this purse when it was still floating around at TJ Maxx.  Ah well!

Badgley Mischka Platinum Label


6 thoughts on “The 19th Day: A Regret

  1. Career planning tops my (small) list of regrets. Live, learn, and teach others. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s a journey…this thing called life. 🙂

    I wish you’d gotten that purse as well! Hot!

  2. I regret that you didn’t buy that purse either! That purse is HAUTE!!! Yes yes and yes I gotta get that email out to you about the MPH.

  3. Girl that ain’t nothing to worry about. Nobody was ready or equipped to make those choices when we were teenagers. I always say the whole system is a little flawed because no 17 or 18 year old has a life plan. Life is a mixture of planning and luck. Keep moving in the direction you are going. Good luck!

  4. You can still pursue a career. Plot, Plan and Pursue. It is not too late.

    I tried to help you out with the purse when I was in the middle-of-nowhere Montana. they didn’t have it.

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