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The good, the bad, the ugly. This month. (Day 20)

The good:

Lovegirl starting kindergarten using our hard earned tax dollars.  My finishing school (yeah, I’m still geeked). The awesome clearance sale that Nine West is having on sandals – I can totally wear their 12M sandals and have come up on three new pairs in the last few days. The air conditioner being fixed.  US combat troops leaving Iraq.  My overall mood.  Top Chef. 

The bad:

The heat.  The unbearable, muggy, can’t escape it heat.  Our air conditioner that died in the middle of all that heat.  Public school kindergarten – enough already with the tracing of hands and coloring of shapes – get to work!   All the drama surrounding the mosque at Ground Zero. 

The ugly:

My thighs.  The cleanliness of my house.  Time to get to work on both!


7 thoughts on “The good, the bad, the ugly. This month. (Day 20)

  1. The good – My daughter made the volleyball team! She put in a lot of work for that spot.

    The bad – Still haven’t lost the weigh. Which means I missed an opportunity to sport my summer dresses once again. Had to spend unnecessary money for more clothes.(sigh)

    The ugly – My thighs as well or least one. How does a mosquito bite you in the same spot three dayum times when I wasn’t even wearing shorts. I now have a ugly bruise that is going to take two years to disappear. I hate insects with a passion.

  2. Um yea..Dony started kindergarten this week too and they haven’t really done anything. #sideeye. The tidyness of my house is at an all time low too. Will remedy that asap this weekend.

  3. Finally caught up on the past 5 episodes of Top Chef this weekend. Good riddance to Kenny…talk about a lot of (self) hype and bluster and constant underperformance. I’m on Team Tiffany!

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