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21 – Another Moment

One of my favorite  moments was doing the Cupid Shuffle on the Great Wall of China with my parents, middle brother, and his girlfriend.  I was still in awe that I was in China (though our trip was nearly over) and thought that our dancing (and singing) was just a great way to commemorate that portion of our trip.  Some travelers brought a special bottle of wine to mark the occasion.  Others took professional-grade pics.  Me and my people?  We did a line dance! 

I’ve posted the video before, but some things?  Bear repeating.  And the fact that my father who we told of our plans numerous times still decided not to learn the dance but participated anyhow?  Priceless!


8 thoughts on “21 – Another Moment

  1. That was sooooooooo CUTE! I love your family! What a special way to commerate that event. I’m still smiling. 🙂 Girl your daddy was gettin it! LOL!

  2. Your Dad and your brother on that video? They bring me serious joy. Aside from that is now the fact that I now have internet footage of your Dad.

    When can I meet him, again?

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