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Feel Better – The 23rd Day!

I’m supposed to write about something that makes me feel better.  How about somethings – plural – instead?

  • Ice cream.  Butter pecan, peach, black walnut, bing cherry, french vanilla are a few faves
  • Talking to a positive person on the phone
  • Reading a good book
  • Relaxing with a hot cup of tea
  • Exercise
  • Flipping through old photo albums
  • Music – Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, EW&F, The Commodores, and Tony Toni Tone are favorite mood lifters
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Quiet
  • Fresh new pedicure
  • Cleaning out a closet or two
  • Cutting my hair – I’ll lop off the ends of two or three locs every once in a while
  • Going for a ride – windows down, music loud.

What makes you feel better?


13 thoughts on “Feel Better – The 23rd Day!

  1. 1. The video of your Dad shuffling on the great wall.

    I’m sure there’s something else, but right now that one is totally taking precedence.

  2. Definitely not ice cream! *lol*
    Seeing my son smile every morning when I enter his room, my extra large coffee form 7-11 and right now, my Pandora stations. I’m switching between CeCe Peniston, Raheem DeVaughn and Candi Staton.

  3. Hmmmm let’s see

    When things go well. Everything falling into place.

    A really good sermon that moves me or an excellent gospel song.

    A brand new pair of shoes or new purse.

    A good cry!

    A strong hug!

    Food wise a good piece of chicken!

  4. We have a lot of the same things that make us feel better! Now I have a craving for some butter pecan ice cream.

  5. Things that make me feel better……….

    Leaving work on a Friday afternoon

    Waking up Saturday morning knowing that I don’t have to drive into work

    Waking up Sunday morning knowing that I don’t have to drive into work



    peace and quiet

  6. Lets see:
    Gospel music
    a good brownie , cinnabon etc
    caramel frappe
    hot chocolate with whipped cream
    my younger cousins

  7. I’ve been trying to post all day. Dang blogger!I forgot most of what I wrote but…

    A good sermon or soul stirring gospel song!

    A strong hug!

    A good cry!

    A brand new purse or a hot pair of new shoes!

    Food wise a good piece of chicken!

  8. Having an afternoon with no responsibilities.
    Laying on my couch
    A hug from ny hubs
    My kiddies (only when they are not getting on my nerves)
    Hanging with my friends
    Finding something to laugh hysterically to.

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