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24 – Cry Me a River

What makes me cry? 

I cry when I think about somebody doing anything horribly cruel to Lovegirl.  No one has, it is my prayer that no one ever does.  But sometimes in church the pastor will say that the devil attacks what you love the most and I will start crying on the spot.  I love Lovegirl the most.  The thought of her being harmed turns me into a big, snotty cry baby.  I try to pray over my girl every day.  I have woken up in the middle of the night, said a quick prayer over her, and fallen back to sleep.  I need my girl to stay healthy, safe, and strong.

My eyes may – or may not – have welled up as I was typing this brief post.  I’ll never tell!


5 thoughts on “24 – Cry Me a River

  1. I know the feeling. I get sick just thinking about something happening to my husband or my kids. I try to keep those thought pushed to the back of my mind.

  2. So, so sweet! Aside from God, I believe there is nothing that can match a mother’s love. The thought of possibly experiencing something so deep both scares and excites me.

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