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First! Day 25

Kick off your shoes and relax your feet…

Did I tell y’all I graduated high school at 16?  Yeah, I did.  So as you might imagine my club experience prior to high school was…nonexistent.  The only “going out” I did consisted of high school dances in the gym, and prom and homecoming at heavily chaperoned hotels.

So, in the fall of ’89 I’m a freshman at UAPB.   My older cousin calls me to tell me we’re going out – to the club – that night, put on something nice and they’d be there at around 9:30 to pick me up.  Word!  I’m going to the club for the first time!  I got dressed, slapped on a little Wet ‘n Wild lipstick (#521 don’t play!) and waited for my cousin and her suitemates to pick me up.

They walked on the porch and rang the bell.  I let them in.  And here is where the laughing, snorting, pointing of fingers and other tomfoolery began.  My cousin stopped choking/laughing/whatever long enough to ask me, and I quote “what the hell you got on?” 

I thought I was doing it big in my cream shell, olive slacks and brown oxford shoes.  Apparently I was wrong.

I looked like this:

When I should’ve looked like this:

My bad. 

A trip to the dorm to borrow some clothes, some hair gel and a little eyeliner later? I was good to go.  And go I did!  I had a ball!

And that, was my first time at the club. 


15 thoughts on “First! Day 25

  1. Oxfords?? No you didn’t! LMAO!! Woman, I graduated at 16 too so don’t use that as an excuse. Glad they took you shopping to rectify that clothing fail. =)

    • Snap – you called me out! But really, going from Cali to a HBCU my sense of style was…decidedly different! Wouldn’t of mattered if I was 16 or 21 – I still woulda looked a hot mess 🙂

  2. I don’t know what to say. I’m shocked! Oxfords???????? Slacks???????? Nooooooo! Bwhahaha! Thank God for your cousin. Oh the horror! Just kiddin

    • What’s a slang term for police officer? “One time!” Yeah, that’s it. I only went to the club one time.

      …and I KNOW you are not trying to clown Arkansas!!!

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