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‘Cause I’m Versatile

Look what I won!  K Rock over at “Don’t get excited…” bestowed this on me a moment (or two) ago and since I was in the middle of the blog challenge – which I’ve obviously dropped out of – I never blogged about it.  My bad.

First – many thanks to K Rock – I appreciate you!  Second – my apologies to K Rock for taking so long to thank you.  Third – well, there is no third, but second seemed like a weird place to stop.

Anyhow, I’m versatile and now I’ve got an award to prove it!  I’m supposed to tell y’all 7 random facts about myself.  I don’t know what y’all don’t know by now, so I’m going to have to dig deep for these bad boys, but here goes:

1.  I hate mayonnaise.  I’ll eat it in tuna or chicken salad, but that’s about it. 

2.  I am shocked – yes shocked – at how easy weight is to gain and how hard it is to lose as I’ve grown older.  Who knew?  I thought I’d be a beanpole all the days of my life.  Not so much.  I really think my mama should’ve told me this!

3.  Little Miss Sunshine is a hilarious movie to me.

4.  I think the idea of a permanent wedding ring is a little…dull.  So far I’ve had two.  I saw a band the other day that just might be #3.

5.  I have never worked a job that actually required 40 hours of work a week.  Yes, I work 40 hour/week jobs.  But really?  I could get a month’s worth of work done in 2 days.  Three tops.  Thank God for the internet and text messaging!

6.  I have useless ESP.  Have I mentioned this?  Just yesterday I kept thinking about a birthday party I went to with my parents last time I was home.  Guess who my parents spent yesterday with?  Yep, the birthday boy.  Totally useless.

7.  I’m really quite pissed that I missed Friday’s Too Short concert.  Smoochy thought I was kidding, but I really wanted to go.  And if my friendgirl’s kids hadn’t gotten sick?  Yep, I’dda been right there fake c.r.i.p. walking and repping the west coast.  With all the other almost-forty-years old gangsta nerds!

I’m supposed to tag some folks.  But don’t want to exclude anyone.  So I tag…everyone!  Yeah, if you haven’t done this, and you read my blog I’m pretty sure you’re versatile and I’d love to read 7 randoms about you.  So get to getting!

Happy Monday!


17 thoughts on “‘Cause I’m Versatile

  1. Congrats! You deserve it!

    1 – Argh! See, now Paula Deen and I are gonna have to take you in a back alley somewhere. Come over to the dark side!! Hellman’s is the BEST!

    3 – LMS is one DVD that I leave out and watch it often. And although I’ve seen it a million times, her “routine” still makes me laugh in hysterics. Grandpa was a piece of work!

      • Booooo K. Rock! As you see, my mayo homegirls below, AR Gal and GP, know what’s up. We three may need to schedule some sort of intervention with you and Nerd Girl. If I send her an email describing your hatred for the creamy crack, I just KNOW that Auntie Paula would be on the first plane to rectify the situation! *lol*

  2. Aww its ok boo!!!

    1. I can deal with only if it’s spread in a very thin layer. WHen people squeeze their sandwiches and mayo oozes out..I throw up a little.
    2.I feel you. I have always been thin but now I really have to work at it. I can gain 5 lbs reall quick.
    3. It was cute.
    4. It think that’s a great idea. It would be something different. Maybe I should get a new one…
    5. I will have what you’re having. I wish I didn’t have to work so much.
    6. I’m sure you can figure out something to do with that.
    7. Boo sickness! There is a free En Vogue concert here next weekend and I am trying to get up in that place!!

  3. Mayo makes my sandwich/burger complete. Can’t eat it without it.

    Little Miss Sunshine was funny, that little girl and her family were a mess.

    I work a 40/hr week job also and I promise what I do can be done from home. The internet saves my life all day, every day.

  4. Ahhhhhhhh, mayo. The other creamy crack. I love it!! I’ve even tried it in my hair for a conditioning treatment.

    Little Miss Sunshine is really a great movie.

    Oooooo, wedding band upgrades\change-outs. I like how you think.

    Gangsta Nerds. LOL I hate you missed out on a chance to wear those olive green slacks and loafers again. *runs*

  5. @AR Gal Bwhahahahaha! You know why!

    1. I love mayo here its called Best Foods same as Hellman’s
    You can’t make a good potato salad without it!

    2. Yes the whole working out 3-5 days a week is so necessary now!

    3. That routine kills me EVERYTIME!

    4. change is good! LOL!

    6. I think that’s cool!

    7.*Blow the whistle* Hey Too Short fan! Can’t be from the Bay and not be!

    • Okay, you’re right. Add potato salad to the list of things I’ll eat with mayo.

      Don’t encourage AR Gal!

      I think I shall play this video on repeat for most of the day!!

      • I sowwey LOL!

        I watched a few times myself when I found it! LOL! I’m glad it wasn’t the explicit version. Everytime I go to a party people still wait for me to break out my whistle when this song comes on. LOL!

  6. Lol @ Too Short. Jobs that don’t require 40hrs/wk or are 40hrs of tedium (or even 2 or 3 hrs of tedium/day) make me want to end it all. I don’t hate mayo but I’m not a fan of it. If I can find ways and reasons to leave it out of stuff i will… regularly. I’m irritated that I’m beginning to have first hand knowledge of weight not falling off because I break a sweat 2 days in a row. That is so irritating and not cool. Esp. b/c I know weight gain is quite prolific in my family. :/

    • Know what else I hate? Fancy mayonnaise. Aioli by any other name? Still mayo. Not a pleasant surprise!

      My extended family – and their extended behinds – are my primary motivation to not let the weight pile up!

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