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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Except really?  Today it’s all thumbs down 😦

Booooo to:

  • My girl getting the boot from Top Chef.  I’m all kinds of verklempt over this one!
  • Today’s oil platform explosion.  Really? Really?
  • This touchscreen phone.  I.hate.it.  And am stuck with it until November. 2011.
  • T.I. and T.iny getting arrested for drug use in a Maybach while rolling through the streets of L.A.  Come on people – do better. 
  • My inability to sleep past 4 a.m.  What is going on?  I’ve always been an early riser, but waking at 4 is torturous.  I have, however, enjoyed watching episodes of House while I lie there fully awake.
  • J.ackie W.arner’s body.  I am sorry, but those commercials for her new show that air during T.op Chef?  Make her look like she has the worst body ever.  Hopefully it’s bad camera angle/lighting/something.  Has anybody else noticed this???
  • All the lint my locs are collecting.  Once upon a time, I mocked these.  Now I’m seriously contemplating buying one or three.


Mmkay, that’s enough griping.  I’ll be back tomorrow for some holiday weekend thumbs up.  Be well!


19 thoughts on “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

  1. I’m bummed too and I haven’t even watched the episode yet. I DVR’ed it, but after logging onto facebook for about 10 minutes last night, several people had it in their status! =(

    Me no likey touchscreen phones. Blackbery til it dies! I gave hubby back the iP.od touch that he gave me. I need buttons man!

    *smh* Drug addiction is s.e.r.i.o.u.s!

  2. Wait, is Tiffany gone. Oh lawdhammercy. I didn’t watch last night but wanted a spoiler.

    I thought the same too about Jackie. I think she looks real bad. It’s something about her midsection that looks off.

  3. I didn’t want to spoil it for people in my post. But I’m fighting mad about Tiffany!

    T.I. was so dumb for that one. You in Cali fool and in L.A. in a Maybach smoking weed on parole?????????? WTH? STOP IT!

    Touchscreen phones annoy me so much. People I know have them. Stop locking while I’m dialing. I have a BB

    My grandmother use to say when you get “woked up fo day in the morning” 4am you should be praying.

    Girl you better quit playing and get you a dreadsock or make you one! LOL!


    My touchscreen gets on my nerves too.

    Is Jackie Warner the one with the workout show on Bravo? Girl if so, I saw that commercial and asked Mr. Rock “Eww whats up with her body?”

    Those socs do look nifty, I could use one too.

  5. It hurt to see Tiffany go last night. Total thumbs down.

    Jackie’s body is a total turn off to me too. She’s all boxy and ugh..

    If you do get a dreadsock please post a pic!

    • Seems like she should find a way to make herself a waist.

      Awww…you don’t want to finish the season so you can hear Angelo talk about making love to his sexy food?!? I guess I’m rooting for Ed. I really don’t care at this point either.

  6. I knew Tiffany was going…she knew it too. Damn those frozen mussels!! I still can’t believe they chose Kevin to go the final four. As far as I could tell with the judges comments, they were the bottom two. Like couldn’t she get a pass based on their past work? She’s far more superior than all them hoes him in the kitchen.


    The gulf catastrophes are just too much! The only thing worse would be a hurricane. I pray that doesn’t happen.

    One of my friends on FB summed up TI and Tiny pretty clearly. They are the Bobby and Whitney of 2010.

    Jackie Warner has got to be the most ill proportioned physically fit person I have ever seen. Growing her hair out didn’t help either.

    Dread Sock Lock and Drop it!

  7. I just got a touchscreen phone on Saturday and it’s going back today (Tuesday). I’m team Blackberry, I don’t know why I even tried anything else.

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