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And How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was fantabulous.  And the proof is in our trashcan which looks a lot like our trashcans looked in college – full of pizza boxes and beer and wine bottles.  I fully expect that the garbage men will call CPS on us at some point today…

I’d already decided that I was going to try a number of different moscatos on for size this weekend.  I know some of you are true wine conoisseurs and I apologize in advance for my unabashed appreciation of moscato. It’s light, it’s fizzy, it’s sweet – I like.  Okay, so really?  I don’t apologize.  I like the stuff.  Anyhoo, I drank a glass or two of  Bricco Riella (my fave so far) on Friday and Psonya and I finished the bottle off during a lively game of spades on Sunday night.  I then opened a bottle of Barefoot moscato.  I didn’t like it as much.  Not as sweet and I could taste the alcohol.  This is pretty much where my trying out a number of moscatos ends – what can I say – I’m a lightweight.  I’ve got another bottle – can’t remember the brand – in the cabinet and will eventually get around to trying it out.

Earlier in the day Sunday a friend with whom I’d reconnected on Facebook called and we chatted for a good long while and then she said “surprise – I’m outside!”  I was thrilled to see her even though I had not taken care of any personal hygiene issues – major or minor.  I hadn’t seen this girl in years – we didn’t exactly fall out, but she made me feel so bad when I was unemployed that I just stopped talking to her – I couldn’t handle it.  Anyhoo, we picked up where we’d left off and talked for hours – first in my computer room and then over mexican food, margaritas (for her), and Dos Equis (for me).  We brought it back to the house and chatted away until early evening.  She had to get back to her Dad’s house and I had to get ready for spades.  All the “tend my farm” requests and invitations to parties I’ll never attend aside, I heart Facebook for helping me reconnect with old friends.

I can’t remember what I did Saturday and yesterday was spent washing and retwisting my hair and begging it to dry.  It’s still not completely dry…Lovegirl spent all day yesterday bemoaning her only child status, reminding me how bored she was every 15 seconds or so, and begging to go “somewhere fun.”  Yep, this is the same child who cried like we were torturing her when Smoochy took her to visit and play with her cousins the day before.  “I don’t wanna go Mama, I’ll miss you Mama, can I just stay home….”  Of course, when it was time to leave her cousins she cried because she had to go home.  Until she found out that Aidan would be at the house – then she quickly chunked them the deuces and came on home.  Drama. Queen.

Anyhoo, that was my weekend – friends old and new(er), relaxation, beer, moscato, spades, and beauty shop duty!  Did you enjoy your holiday weekend?


10 thoughts on “And How Was Your Weekend?

  1. We had a good weekend too! I don’t require much though. As long as rest and relaxation are involved, I’m good.

    Awww at Lovegirl. Kids can be some pretty complex puzzles to figure out. I’m going to try and have a lifetime supply of Ritalin on hand if I ever birth any. What?!? I thrive on peace and tranquility. This constant in our home must be maintained by any means necessary.

  2. My favorite Moscato so far is Sutter Home. Call me cheap and unsophisticated, but I like it. My holiday weekend was great. The S/O and I celebrated our West Indian heritage from 11pm on Sunday to 10pm on Monday (and I’m still blasting soca on my iPod).

    • I think Sutter Home is what’s on my counter now that you mention it – can’t wait to pop the cork. Or unscrew the top. Whatever the case may be :0

      You? Should be tired! Happy, but tired!

  3. You’re daughter is hillarious! No matter how much one loves wine, there is always room for moscato on the wine rack.

    My weekend was great and productive.

  4. I am trying to get in to wine too!! And I hd also been advised to start with moscato. It is tasty but I couldn’t tell the difference between brands if I wanted to.

    I also like Facebook for that reason. No matter how many chants of “facebook is the devil” that I hear, I always appreciate it.

    I washed my hair this weekend too. I started the retwist last night and only got throuh about half. Hopefully I will finish up tonight.

  5. @ K Rock Facebook is the devil!

    My weekend was going pretty great got sidetracked then back to good. I’ve tried to get into wine also! I tried the Sutter Home Moscato. Me no likey! I plan to try the Bricco Riella you mentioned. What you said about FB is one of the good things about it. Glad you had a cool reconnect with an old friend. Lovegirl!!!!! I ❤ her! Hilarious!

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