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Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today is Lovegirl’s 6th birthday ~ time really does fly when you’re having fun!

I can hardly believe that the sweet, chubby 8 lbs, 4 oz baby I gave birth to six years ago is now all arms and legs and attitude.  She’s definitely got a unique outlook on the world around her and for the most part tackles it head on. 

She loves: broccoli, Ezra Jack Keats books, all things Nick Jr., arts and crafts, her friends, a good party, music, black beans, fashion, snuggling with her mama, being a daddy’s girl, and sucking her thumb (still!).

She’s not so fond of: eggs, fish, being quiet, going to bed at 8, the color tan, and mean people.

Smoochy made it home at 5:40 this morning and was able to help her celebrate turning six.  She got a camera, a bumblebee pillow pet – she really wants a ladybug which may or may not have been ordered a little late by yours truly but is definitely on the way, a skirt she’s had her eye on, a hello kitty jacket, and an embellished t shirt which she promptly decided to wear today. 

I dropped off a boatload of cupcakes for her classroom celebration.  After school, I’m picking her and Aidan up for good times at CEC or putt putt golf and then a fancy schmancy dinner at the restaurant of her choice – I’m betting she’ll choose IHOP or Waffle House.

And of course we took our customary birthday picture in my chair before she got on the bus this morning.  Behold the glory that is Lovegirl! 

Happy Birthday Sweetpeet!  Mama loves you more than you’ll ever know.


20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

  1. Where is her purple sparkly headband? I was sooo looking forward to it today.

    Tell her I said, and I quote: “Happy Birthday, Powerpuff!!”

  2. Happy Birthday Lovegirl. Hope it a good one!!!!

    P.S. You know you could have found those pillow pets at Walgreen’s. Most things that are sold on TV are also sold there.

  3. I know she’s having a great birthday and is going to love the whole dinner out thingy. I think you’re feeling this motherhood thing more and more.

    It’s a good feeling, huh?

  4. Oooooo a pillow pet! She is soooo lucky! I want one so bad! LOL! *off to Walgreens* That’s my kind of b-day!

    Happy happy happy Birthday LoveGirl!

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