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Disappointed Much?

Why yes, yes I am.

Out of my two parents and three brothers, only one of my immediate family members remembered to call Lovegirl and wish her a happy birthday.

Really people?  Really?

I’m not disappointed that often – probably because I set my expectations of other people pretty low – but that right there?  Disappoints me.

She had a great birthday – between the cupcakes at school, wildin’ out at C.huck E C.heese after school with her favorite bud Aidan, and the phone calls she did get – she’s a happy girl.  I just can’t believe – or maybe I can – that more of my immediate family didn’t call.

Ah well.


8 thoughts on “Disappointed Much?

  1. I bet it was your mama that remembered. They always do.

    My oldest sister forgot to call me. I wasn’t upset though. She’s got three small kids. She’s probably doing good to remember to put draws on everyday. LOL She did call me the next day though.

  2. I don’t really know what to say either. Hell they could have told you to tell her Happy birthday on your FB page!

    M2’s birthday was 8/20 and I sent his brothers/sister an inbox on FB to remind them. Only one brother called. I was livid.

    It makes me angry because he is hurt when they don’t reach out and he makes it a POINT to call them on their day. He won’t say much but I can see it in his face.

  3. If your brother had married me, I would have called and sent a gift. But, he married a loser and now his choices are effecting Lovegirl. This must end.

    On another note, how ’bout those Backyardigans? You know you love it!!!

  4. Aww, I’m sorry for that. Not sure what to say, except my in-law family does not call to acknowledge any of life’s events either. It sounds like the little lady had a most excellent day, in spite of the nonchalance from the family. I’m already starting to prepare myself for a lifetime of this for my son.

  5. It’s weird how family can affect us so much. We just want to be loved and give love. Something so simple. Sorry that happened to you. But I would say something! If it happens again then…

    Well you did a GREAT job of making her day the most special EVER! And did I read something about the Backyardigans?????? as a gift? OMG you’re gonna love it!!!

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