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Juvenile Delinquency….and Other Friday Randoms

  • I can’t believe that the wedding dates of two of my favorite bloggers – Psonya and TIH – are rapidly approaching!  I’ve enjoyed reading their engagement stories and about the joys and pains of planning a wedding in 2010.  All I can say is that from here out?  I will always – always – RSVP.  I wish them both a lifetime of what?  Love and happiness of course!
  • Thank y’all for all of the birthday greetings for my favorite daughter!  And for letting me gripe about the lack of birthday calls from mi familia.  I appreciate you on both counts.
  • I have really been working hard today.  Which is rare.  Not sure I like it.
  • May I just tell you that I find that G.eico commercial where the little pig cries whee-whee-whee all the way home most hilarious?!? 
  • May I also tell you that T.op Chef without Tiffany is like cornflakes without the milk?  I’m going to finish the season up, but really?  I’m over it.
  • I may or may not have road rage.  I may or may not have followed this young girl after she nearly caused a four car pileup and told her to either drive better or stay the hell off the road.   I think she was so shocked that she didn’t quite know how to take my “suggestion.” 
  • I want a gray purse.  I will not rest (okay, perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic) until I find one.
  • I got a call from Lovegirl’s teacher today.  Lovegirl has been written up for “inappropriate physical contact with other students.”  Translation?  She won’t stop tickling the other kids.  I’m not even sure what to do with this bit of information.  I called my Mama for advice….she couldn’t stop laughing long enough to help me!

And that my friends, is a wrap.  I hope y’all have a great weekend.  I plan on relaxing for the majority of mine.  Peace.


12 thoughts on “Juvenile Delinquency….and Other Friday Randoms

  1. I LOVE that geico commercial, but Alyssa hates it…I do the wee, weee, weee, with the Pig…hillarious.

    I’m done with top chef…Tiffany was robbed, so I’m boycotting for the remainder of the season, lol. I plan to go to her restaurant here at some point in the near future.

    You may or may not want to share that road rage story with anyone else, lol.

    LOL…for tickling…oh my goodness…she’s just trying to spread laughter and good cheer, lol.

    Have a grand weekend!

  2. She got written up for tickling? I dont even know how to respond to that…. do you punish her for having fun ? The teacher needs to relax , and laugh. Have a good weekend

  3. I love that commercial too.

    Tickling hardly counts as a physical offense but hey…rules are rules.

    I’m gonna need to hear about that car accident story in detail. I will be expecting it in the next post.


  4. Psonya definitely has me RSVPing to err thang here on out!

    You’re Welcome!

    Completely agree about TC BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s some serious road rage! Stop following people! It’s scary LOL!

    Gray is so IN for Fall. I have mine! LOL!

    Lovegirl’s teacher definitely needs to chill!
    But maybe give Lg a list of people who it’s ok to touch like that. *kanye shrug* People are weird!

    Have a great weekend too!

  5. I did a girl like that last year after she almost hit my damn car. Picture me rolling with the windows down calling her everything but a child of God. I was hotter than overcooked fish grease! We get to the stoplight and she was adamant that she didn’t swerve over. Bitch what?! I went off! Then the light turned green and I went home. LOL

  6. I wish I could see the person who cut me off and caused me to wreck my car that I had only had for four months. They would get cussed out so bad that I would have to be on the altar praying for forgiveness afterwards. AND I would have had to call my pastor and tell him to pray for me because this is gonna be ugly.

  7. Lovegirl is clearly a danger to society. LOLOLOL. I’m loving following the wedding talk, too! I also miss Tiffany. 😦 *sniff* I need grey shoes. AND NUDE PUMPS!! Somebody make this happen!! WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME?? SOMEONE?? ANYONE?? 7.5?? On sale?? 😦

  8. You know I worry that my kids will have all of my problems, but to the extreme: lack a filter with teachers, cuss little kids out on the playground, talk way too much and get checks on the board for it and worst be so arrogant and conceited that they can’t get past their own greatness to actually do work.

    Never, in my wildest dreams, would I think my child would get written up for tickling people. I’m with your mom on this, I’m dying laughing and have no advice. I’m sorry.

    On another note, I saw some Olive boots at Nordstrom. I have no budget for olive boots. I didn’t even know I wanted them, but I shall have them this winter season… so I feel you on the gray purse purchase.

  9. Tiffany’s elimination episode, as well as the following week’s episode are both on my DVR, but I doubt that I’ll watch. It’s just a show, but after meeting her and tasting her food, I was even more convinced that you DESERVED to win. I think I’m done with this season and I’m not sure that I’ll watch future season. Seems weird that it’s affecting me so deeply, but I took it a little personal.

    Tickling too much??? **lol** I have no advice, but plenty of giggles.

    I’ve been looking for dreaming of a gray purse for over a year. I’ve got my eye on one and I’m thinking that hubby finally acknowledged my not so subtle hints.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  10. Co-signing with Jameil on those nude pumps. I’m about to have a shopping spree at DSW tomorrow after work.

    I LOVE that commercial–have you seen the Boost Mobile one where the lady undergoes scientific testing to earn extra cash and her eyes get closer and closer together until she only has one eye? I die every time it comes on.

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