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For the Love of Money

Y’all.  I am going to have to go on a spending freeze until November.  I haven’t been spending big – but I’ve been spending frequently.  And they pretty much add up to the same thing.

New sweater?  Check.  Belt?  Check.  Pants.  Check (2x).  Cute bracelet on sale at Kohls?  Check.  Necklace on sale at Belk?  Yep, bought that too.  Buy one get one free perfume?  Don’t mind if Pserendipity and I do…..and the list goes on.  The madness?  Must stop.

So, the only things I’ll be buying for the next 45 days or so will be household necessities and cool/cold weather clothes for Lovegirl.  Mama is getting a whole lotta nothing.  Starting Tuesday.  ‘Cause tomorrow?  I’m heading to NY and Co to partake of their buy one/get one 50% off cardigan sale and to use up my City Cash.  But after that?  I’m done.  For real.


5 thoughts on “For the Love of Money

  1. If you are serious, let me know.

    I’ve got to curb my spending as well.

    But…I’ll have to start Monday the…something or other!

    • Serious business – I think I’m going to do a spending ban starting next week.

      I realized that if I don’t buy anything else until November, I’m going to be a little chilly in late October. So, I’m going to buy a few new long sleeved t’s and socks today and then – no mas!

      Join me – I’m going to need the support 🙂

  2. LOL @ starting tomorrow. The easiest way to not buy anything is to just not go to the store. This is where Target becomes a problem though. Because you go for bleach and find a new fall bag. Other than Target, you should be ok.

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