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Nerd Girl Is…

  • Speaking in the third person today.
  • Not going to comment on single women’s dating posts anymore.
  • Sad to learn of two suicides in the last few days.  One was a coworker’s husband.  She is mother to a three year old and is two months pregnant.  If you pray?  Please pray peace and strength for her.
  • Happy about the Top Chef finale.  Really happy.
  • Still disgruntled that Tiffany didn’t go all the way.
  • Tired.  Really, really tired.  I thought Nerd Girl thought she was always tired because of school.  Now?  She has no clue.
  • Still not back in the workout swing of things.  This week?  The stairs at work (8 flights, 2x) have served as gym equipment.  Next week?  Back in the gym.  This is getting ridicuous.
  • Thrilled to help Lovegirl pick new books from the little S.cholastic magazine – brings back memories of days long gone.
  • In dire need of a day away from it all.
  • Not going to confront any more bad drivers.
  • Not posting any more this week.
  • Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  Be blessed.

4 thoughts on “Nerd Girl Is…

  1. MrsTDJ thinks that NerdGirl talking in 3rd person is funny as h*ll this Thursday morning!

    Umm, nah, I don’t comment on those posts either. I used to, but now? Nope, won’t part my lips. It’s a mine field of personal feelings, so I just stay out of there.

    Hmm, your TC statement gives me a little hope. Still haven’t watched the last three. Taped TC Deserts last night. Not sure about that yet.

    I remember the Scholastic mag. Wow, didn’t realize it was still around.

    Hope you get that day really soon!

    Have a great weekend too!!

  2. I agree, I love 3rd person NG! Don’t be a skranger, ok-k-kaaaay?!

    That dating post spread like a cancer and just wouldn’t quit. Hopefully it’s dead now.

    Speaking of, do you know if your co-workers husband left a note? Not like it matters at this point. I always wonder about the folks that don’t. I figure if you are going to off yourself, the least you could do would be to tell your loved ones why. Like I said, it’s just something I wonder about. At any rate, I’ll be praying for her. A toddler and pregnant with her second. Gee whiz……

    I still can’t believe Kevin won Top Chef.

    Oh and Tiffany was ROBBED!

  3. Kevin?!? Gah – I haven’t watched yet.

    Picking out books from the Scholastic mag and the “book fair” in middle school? Totally happy fuzzy smiley memories.

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