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That right there? The reason I don’t eat at work potlucks!!!

I work in one of four cubicles in our office space.  Our shared bathroom has an outer room – with a sink, mirror, etc. and an inner room – where just the toilet is located.

I open the door and walk into the bathroom today and see two plates of fruit sitting in there.  WTH?  So I say something like “why the hell is there fruit in the bathroom?”  Okay really…that’s exactly what I said.  There go my professionalism points for the day….

Here comes the annoying secretary lady Chipmunk.  “I did.”  “Why?”  “Well, so-and-so told me to move it from the breakroom table because she was having a lunch catered and I couldn’t get to the refrigerator so I put it in here.”  “Dear God, that is disgusting.  I’m really not understanding why you put food in the bathroom.”  “Well, I think you’re the only one who thinks this is the bathroom.  I consider the inner room (with the toilet) to be the bathroom.”

I truly hope they remember this day when they ask why I’m eating a peanut butter sandwich at the holiday potluck!!!

Do any of y’all think only the part with the toilet is the bathroom?  Am I tripping?  On second thought, I don’t want to know…

(And while I realize this is not reflected in today’s post, I feel much better today!!!)


24 thoughts on “That right there? The reason I don’t eat at work potlucks!!!

  1. Glad…you..are…feeling…better?

    Umm, I can’t quite picture the setup but from what I am envisioning, I am going to vote for nasty. For some reason, I pictured an open plate of fruit on the back of the toilet. Ewww. (I also am picturing a potted plant by the sink. Am I getting close?)

    • LOL! Thank you 🙂

      Okay, let me see…when you open the door you’re in a small room with a sink, paper towel dispenser, mirror and a little table. When you open the door inside there, you’re in a smaller room with nothing but a toilet and a toilet paper holder.

      The food was on the little table in the small room. It was not on the back of the toilet. No potted plant 😦

  2. That is all kinds of nasty. I’m sure the sign on the door of the vestibule area, if you will, says BATHROOM or LADIES or something of that nature.

    People need to stop playing.

  3. What if there wasn’t a toilet, and there was just a room with a sink, paper towel dispenser, mirror, and little table? Would it still be a bathroom?

    • No. The toilet makes it a bathroom.

      Like in my bedroom. Those double doors open up (well, they would if we ever closed them) to the sinks/counters/cabinets. Then right there to your left is the toilet and tub/shower. I think the whole thing is the bathroom.

      • For clarity, I wasn’t defending her choice. I just really wondered that. And we never figured out what the technical name for the room with the sink and the mirror, but no toilet was. It can’t be a half bath, but it’s not a bathroom. It has to be a washroom. That’s it.

      • P…I guess I can’t reply to your reply. I don’t know, Lisa said vestibule? Which I always thought was some part of a church…guess I need to consult Merriam-Webster.

        I thought a washroom was a bathroom? I am so confused. I’mma have to consult my mother as well as the dictionary!

  4. That’s next level nasty. I don’t even take bottled water or coffee into the bathroom with me. I’m a complete germophobe. I do eat at office potlucks though. A little bacteria keeps you healthy in the winter. LOL!

  5. You know that I couldn’t even type a response for a few minutes, right? The germaphobe in me wants to D.I.E! Ick. And please, beware of touching things that the Chipmunk has touched. Clearly, she has no boundaries.

  6. I too am a complete germaphobe! I am sitting here *DEAD* thinking of all the microbes and germs and viruses and e-coli and salmonella on that fruit. That was so beyond NASTY we need a new word for Nasty! The bathroom, restroom, toilet room, inner room?? all the same and no place for food. What planet is she from???????????? Damn alien!!

  7. If it’s near the bathroom, used right after you leave the bathroom, then it’s apart of the bathroom, and well, it’s just nasty. And for her to think it was okay even after you called her out…that’s what gets me. They wouldn’t be able to pay me to eat their food…ugh.

  8. So moving it to the kitchen was never an option that crossed her mind?That’s nasty. You don’t take food in the bathroom. You don’t take your phone in the bathroom. I don’t even talk to people in the bathroom. Just all kinds of nasty. Who does that?

  9. Anything, I mean anything behind Door #1 is classified as a bathroom. There could be 2 to 20 other doors but you’re still in the bathroom.

    We all know not to sit on the toilet, not to take food or beverages in the toilet, wash your hands after using the toilet and don’t touch the door handle on the way out of the toilet!

    Take your PBJ sandwich to the potluck and stay away from that Nasty Heffa!

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