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Thursday Randoms….and Questions.

  • I may be the only black person in America who had no clue who E.ddie Long is.  Somebody walked up to me and said what a shame about E.ddie Long…I thought they were talking about the NFL player who committed suicide.
  • I bought the cutest little red purse yesterday.  I’m taking it back.  This impulse buying madness must cease!
  • Any new TV shows that have impressed you so far?  I don’t watch a lot of network TV (I watch mostly Bravo, USA and A&E) but am looking for a new series to follow.
  • Any good books read lately?  I checked three out from the library the other day – two were so bad that I took them back the next day.  I’ve just started “Little Bee” and I think it is going to be good.  I need to get my “to read” list back in effect.
  • Do you feel comfortable posting differing opinions on someone’s blog?  Let’s be specific…on this blog?  If I wrote something and you disagreed, would you tell me?  Why?  Why not?
  • Thanks to 1969 I brought a resistance band to work and plan on using that joker every day.  I will get back in shape!
  • Speaking of back in shape, I think I’m going to ask Pserendipity if I can borrow her Insanity workout.  I’m thinking about working out with Shaun T again.  I’m not in a gym “mood” but can’t continue to let that stand in the way of my goals.
  • There was something else…but I’ve forgotten.  That’s a wrap!

12 thoughts on “Thursday Randoms….and Questions.

  1. I have no problem disagreeing with someone IF they asked for my opinion OR if I feel very strongly. For example if someone says “any woman dressed like a whore deserves to be raped” on a blog, I would feel very strongly and comment to the contrary. Or if someone said “I think women approaching men is appropriate… what do you think?” I’d comment.

    Otherwise, if my opinion won’t add to the conversation, I won’t really oppose the viewpoints of the author.

    Everyone and their mama is reading Little Bee. I’m about halfway through. I’m not impressed. I asked a friend who’s an avid reader what she thought of it and she said it sucked. It’s crazy how a book can be a bestseller and have such mixed reviews. I’m going to try to finish it though.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. “I thought they were talking about the NFL player who committed suicide.”

    I laughed so hard at this someone just came over to my desk to see what was so funny (with their nosey @ss).

    If the purse is cute though why deprive yourself?

    I feel comfortable expressing a differing opinion in your spot. No rhyme or reason to it, I just do. With that being said (typed), if I do happen to disagree with something on a post(this goes for any blog) half the time I just don’t comment at all. It’s just easier (for me) not to deal with it at all.

    New tv shows. Well, I checked out ‘The Event’ and enjoyed it. ‘Undercovers’ not so much. That show bored me to tears.

  3. so, just who is ed.die.lo.ng….i’ll have to research(google) him. Little Bee was awful. I read it a few months back and I still wonder if what happened to her sister has actually happened to real people. it’s too upsetting to me to actually research …

  4. You not knowing Eddie Long is a bit surprising considering that you are a Southerner. I thought he, Creflo Dollar and TD Jakes were the most noted black preachers around. Maybe that’s because I live in ATL though.

    I thought Little Bee was good. Depressing but good. We just read it for book club last month.

    The last thing I read besides Little Bee was Perfect Peace by Daniel Black. Excellent! I also enjoyed Duma Key by Stephen King. Everyone isn’t a Stephen King kinda person though…

    My copy of Insanity is gathering dust on the shelf. I haven’t even opened it yet. I’ve got too much running to do right now. Maybe I’ll try it after half-marathon season.

  5. Hmm, a little surprised that you didn’t know who EL was. A relative dragged me to New Birth once a few years ago while I was in ATL visiting.

    Keep that purse woman. I bet you never spent that mad money that Smoochie gave you, did you? There you go!

    Hmm, what kinds of shows do you like? New ones that I love are The Event; however if you can’t do a little sci-fi, skip it. I’m also liking Broadwalk Empire (HBO) so far.

    Yeah, I’m in agreement with Tea and AR Gal. I would feel comfortable stating my thoughts here, if I was that compelled (based on the topic). It would need to be something that I felt strongly about or an opinion that I thought really needed to be voiced.

  6. I’m surprised you don’t know Bishop Eddie Long either! He a Boss down south! (was?) I hope it’s not true!

    So far I’m not impressed with the new fall line up. Grey’s Anatomy is back tonight! Yay!

    I was just saying I need to get to the library and check out some books until I get my Kindle. I decided to wait until Christmas to see if I get one as a gift or I will gift myself.

    I am so back on my resistance bands because of 1969! LOL!

    I’m figuring out how to tactfully disagree with other bloggers in general, instead of shooting from the hip. People have different views about a lot of stuff and I think its okay to disagree without getting gangsta about it. LOL!

  7. I only know who Eddie Long is because of my 3 month stint in Atlanta some years ago. Hadn’t heard anything about him since then…until all hell broke loose. I was surprised it was such news. I mean, who the hell cares? Now, if they try to do something else to Creflo…AW LAWD!!!

    Keep the purse. Geez. What is it with you and purses, anyway?

    I enjoyed The Defenders last night. And as an extra bonus, Jurnee Smollet was in it. Love her!

    Like Nadia says “I don’t read.” Did that sound as dumb when I say it as it does coming out of her mouth? Ugh.

    Me, either! I was seriously thinking of cancelling the gym membership since I’ve started doing morning workouts. It’s highly likely. But, you can come get my boy Shaun at anytime.

    My opinion is: whatever. When have you ever done as I have instructed anyway??? Loser!!

  8. You don’t know who EL is? Consider yorself lucky. All these Southern preachers are too much for me.

    I am definitely ok with disagreeing not only with you, but with anybody else. I do try to do it respectfully though. I live drama free (even internet drama free).

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