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  • This weekend Lovegirl and I headed out to Wellsfest where a wonderful time was had by all.  Her favorite activity?  Why playing in a big old mound of sand of course!  She also braved the pony rides – I don’t think she was at all impressed.
  • If a friend asked you to vouch for her “worthiness” as an adoptive parent, would you?  How about if she were bipolar?
  • All backpacks cannot be washed.  Lovegirl’s Dora backpack?  Let’s just say Dora looks all M.ichael J.ackson vitiligo-ish and a new backpack was definitely in order.
  • If you had a short child would you consider growth hormones for them?  Would the child’s gender matter?
  • This transition to Fall?  Took me kind of quick.  Yesterday it was 95.  Today 77.  I’m cold.  What happened to the 80s?  And um, why doesn’t Lovegirl own any cool weather clothing yet???
  • I’m back in the gym.  For real.  A guy at work was talking smack about my stick-to-it-ness.  So now I’m determined to get it together because I don’t like being called out like that and my sole mission is to prove him wrong.  Getting fit along the way is just a bonus.
  • On my to do this week:  call and see about a PhD in Clinical Health Sciences.  I don’t even know what I’d do with it, but if they let me in and are willing to pay, I am so going for it.
  • I think in my last post, I was trying to ask if you’d ever been friends with someone but couldn’t stand someone close to them and how (if at all) was your relationship affected.  Yeah, that’s what I was trying to ask.  I think.  It wasn’t really a rant about the Chipmunk.  Though she’s still plenty irritating.
  • I finished “Little Bee.”  It was alright.  Not great enough for me to recommend, but not so bad that I walked away from it.
  • My nails are painted a horrendous shade of purple.  But I don’t feel like taking the polish off, so they’ll be that way for a while.

And now?  Pictures of the pure joy that sand and bouncy slides bring…


8 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Why is she so cute? I would vouch for a friend , but only if I have known her for a while – meaning I know what makes her tick . But if she is someone I have just met – or more of an associate , then nope. Idk about the whole bipolar thing – I personally think that kids can make their parents go crazy and the parents can make the kids go crazy …
    As far as the growth hormones, nope. If you are short , you are just short. Sorry – I also would not consider breaking their bones so that they can grow a few inches . And my toes are painted with the crappiest nailpolish ever – for 8 bucks it should have better application than this .

  2. I just deleted an entire paragraph of totally stupid stuff I typed out. Like TOTALLY STUPID! Here’s a helpful link I found after Googling.


    I think as long as the person has shown that they have the condition under control, it should be okay.

    “M.ichael J.ackson vitiligo-ish” You know what…….?

    A growth hormone? LOL Hell naw! I’d be afraid of the harmful side effects but that’s besides the point. Like Jazz said, if you’re short you’re just short. The end.

    Get that PhD!!

  3. As far as worthiness, I could only speak to what I have seen personally from them. I couldn’t go all gung ho.

    Umm yeah. Fall is upon up. We went from nineties to it being 65 in the morning. No transitions whatsoever. This is why people get sick.

    Good luck with the PHD.

    The last time I pained my toenails a dark color, I left it on for a looooong time. When I took it off, it had tinted my nails.

    Kids find pleasure in the simpliest things. Love it!

  4. I think I need a photo of this purple to decide. Yes, I have friends who have friends I can’t stand. I just hope and pray they come to their senses. Bipolar? My first instinct: Sorry. Can’t recommend you…. 2nd thought: What kind of support system does she have? You can wash plastic kids backpacks? I would’ve just assumed you couldn’t do anything but wipe those things down and hope they make it til the end of the year. They just LOOK unreliable.

  5. No growth hormones for my kiddies.

    Well, if this friend got pregnant, would you think she’d be a good mother? Or worthy of motherhood? (How do you even decide that for somewhat else?) Anyway, if the answer is yes, then I said go ahead and recommend.

    If you would never let your child alone with this person or she really is mentally unstable, I think you have a responsibility to [anonymously or otherwise] let the adoption agency go.

    I think the kids are the most important thing here.

    Lastly, you can always take the frequently travelled, immature route of just not returning her phone calls. I hate when people do this to me, but it’s thorough.

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