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Tell The Truth Tuesday

The truth is…..

….I got on the scale yesterday at the gym and it said 180.

….that number is 15 pounds over acceptable.

….I wanted to cry.

….I knew crying wasn’t going to help me drop any weight.

….my not working out is not working out.

….I have reached the age (ahem) where consistent exercise is key.

…I am serious about losing this poundage.

….I’m in it to win it.

….I’m going to win by losing.


13 thoughts on “Tell The Truth Tuesday

  1. You got this! You looked, you saw, you know, Now get busy!!! LOL!

    We all are trying to get it together/keep it together.

    My family is doing the Thanksgiving challenge lose 15-20 pounds by turkey day.(this depends on starting weight)

    The rules are

    *Do what you do to lose weight eating wise.

    *Drink at least 64oz of water daily and

    *Workout at least 3x per week. Weigh in on Saturday.

    Whomever loses the most gets the cash which is 20 bucks per person. So far 5 people are in! Yaay!

    Good luck with your weight loss!

  2. It must be that time of the year or it’s in our familial blood. I am working on the bulges, flaps and hang-overs as well. I would like to lose 15 pounds as well.

    We can, we will do this together!

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