Resistance? Futile.

I have never ever celebrated Halloween.  Ever.  My mama and daddy weren’t having it – believe me – we begged them to let us dress up.  Even when the church had Fall Festivals and non-scary costumes were encouraged they were like “nope.”  Not gonna happen.  The closest we ever came to celebrating Halloween was when somebody at the church threw a Heaven and Hell party.  Oh, there were still no costumes for us and I think we were forced to go to Heaven, but I saw folks parading around with their little devil horns and pitchforks.  Yep, that’s the closest I’ve ever come. 

Until now.  Lovegirl has begged me for the last 2 or 3 years to let her dress up for Halloween.  I was all “uh, uh, no way, we do not celebrate Halloween.”  She asked why.  “Um, because.”  Yeah really?  Not a good answer and I realized I didn’t really have a legitimate reason for not celebrating – all I had was family tradition.  And when I asked my Mom a few days ago why we didn’t celebrate she was like “I didn’t feel like fussing with costumes for 4 kids.”  Excuse me???  All this time I thought my soul would burn in the very depths of Hell if I wore a costume and now you’re telling me you just didn’t feel like dealing with your offspring?!?  Geesh.

So I relented. I told Lovegirl she could get a costume of the non-scary variety and wear it for her school parties today.  But that there would be no trick or treating.  She agreed and the hunt for the perfect costume was on.  P.arty C.ity has lost their mind.  30 or 40 bucks for a costume.  Not happening.  Ditto T.arget and TJ M.axx.  So to Mart we went.  Where we scored a cat fairy costume for the low low of $15.  What is a cat fairy you ask?

Exhibit A:

The Oh-So-Rare Cat Fairy


Have  a great weekend!  I think we’re going to JSU’s Homecoming parade and game and that’s about it.  Peace to you and yours!


Lions, Tigers, Bears and Other Randoms. Oh my.

  • Whoo darn hoo!  I have scored not one, but two pairs of new boots!  In case you couldn’t tell, I am ridiculous with excitement!  Do you know how hard it is to find a pair of decently priced boots in my size?  Well trust, it is.  The best part?  They were CHEAP!  I scored two pairs of tall, leather boots for less than $80!  Dear  I love thee.
  • I have decided to travel using only carryons when Lovegirl and I go to Cali for Christmas.  At first I was like “I’m checking bags – I don’t want to drag bags and Lovegirl through various and sundry airports all by myself.”  But now I’ve decided the challenge of jamming everything in two small bags and saving $$ on checked bags is well worth it.  I found a slide show some stewardess did on packing in a carryon and am going to follow her lead.  You can check it out here:  I don’t generally overpack, but I like to know I’ve got room in my bag to bring stuff back.  I guess this will help squelch any impulse shopping urges I may get.  Do you overpack?
  • I mentioned this on FB this a.m., but I’m seriously considering dressing up for Halloween for the first time in my life.  If I decide to dress up, I’ll be dressing up as none other than Phaedra from RHOA.
  • I slipped up – a lot – on Operation Buy Nothing ’til December.  But it’s going into full effect beginning November 1.  I shall buy no clothes, accessories, etc. for myself until at least the end of November.  For real this time.  For real.
  • The Chipmunk has been talking about moving out of state.  Hope springs eternal!
  • Recently, the University of Missisippi changed its mascot from Colonel Rebel to the Rebel Black Bear (couldn’t find a pic).  I was telling my Mom that my alma maters were now Lions (UAPB), and Tigers (JSU), and Bears (UM) oh my!  I find that hilarious.  My mother on the other hand wanted to hang up in my face. 
  • My quads?  They are a burning.  I think this challenge is gonna get me right!  And I’m looking forward to the day when I can walk totally upright and pain free again.

Mmkay, that’s all.  Maybe something earthshatteringly awesome will happen on my daily 15 minute walk and I’ll be back with more interesting blog fodder.  But I doubt it.  All I’ll see are large women in cut out tops, dudes whose sole purpose in life is to be the next Wacka Flacka, and butt cracks galore.  And that’s just the employees – don’t get me started on the patients’ families!  Holla.

What’s Going On?

I’ve got a whole lot of ‘nothing happening right about now.  I wish I had awesome stories with which to regale you.  Or a recent trip with pictures just begging to be shared.  But really?  It is slow motion for real!

I am spending this portion of my work day reading RHOA recaps and laughing at pictures from Phaedra’s baby shower.  Is anybody else watching this season?  Those chicks are killing me softly!

Joy and Pain

So, a couple of weeks back I blogged about reaching my highest weight ever (except for when I was gestating).  Well, I was wrong – that wasn’t my highest weight ever.  I jumped on the scale on Monday knowing that my exercising and eating right was surely going to be reflected by the numbers on the scale.  183.  Do what?  I have gained 3 pounds.  Sigh.

Anyhoo, I already know that I’ve got to stay encouraged, continue to get my exercise on, make wise food choices and eventually – eventually – the weight will fall off.  If it could fall off oh say before I go home for Christmas that’d be phenomenal!

In addition to my cardio work at the gym – which is now almost $30 a month cheaper thanks to a hospital-employee discount whoo hoo – I am back on the 100 pushup challenge.  I started Monday and my shoulders are definitely feeling the burn.  Next week I am adding the 200 squat challenge to my regimen so that my quads and glutes can get in on the action.

So although I’m not where I want to be weight wise, there is joy in knowing that I’m working toward my goal.  Joy in the fact that I’m saving $360 a year in gym membership fees.  And joy in knowing that when I look good I feel good. 

In case anyone is interested in challenging themselves, the pushups and squats challenges – along with others – can be found here:

Be well!

Joy Unspeakable!

Um,  yeah.  There’s a theme this week:  happy.  Get with it 🙂

We took Chiquita Banana to the fair on Saturday, spent up most of her college savings and had a ball:

One of us was terrified on the haunted house ride. The other...not so much!


Her first driving lesson. You have to push the pedal down honey!


Smoochy and mean-muggin' Lovegirl

Look at the joy on that sweet face!

Happiness = one kid+$7+an inflatable bubble in a pool of water

My mama made me add this one.

This one too...

Joyful Program Note!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled happy blogging this week to bring you…more happy!

If you are a fan of GAP blue jeans – as I am – they are 40% off until Wednesday if you bring in an old pair of jeans.  Woot woot!  Though my shopping ban is now official, I figured I’d pass on this great news to you.

See, I don’t make this stuff up!

You’re welcome!

You Bring Me Joy!

The other day, Babs posted about being happy and faking it ’til you make it.  While I think I’m generally a pretty happy soul, I do think more positivity in the world – blog world included – would be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

So, in a show of solidarity, I am going to post a random list of things that bring me joy.  I am not including my family, friends, or health because those are givens!

  • Purple
  • Pistachios
  • Travel
  • State Fairs
  • Boots
  • Blue Jeans
  • Cozy Sweaters
  • Strong Cell Phone Signals
  • Thai Food
  • Chicken Shawarma
  • Hot Tea
  • Colored Office Supplies
  • Cute Bibles
  • RHOA
  • Good Books
  • Accessories
  • A Nice Boss
  • B&BW Lay It On Thick Body Moisturizer (my go to hand lotion!)