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Mama Used To Say….

….everybody is not going to like you. That right there?  Has saved me a lot of heartache in life.  You don’t like me?  I don’t care.  Next!

….never be available to anyone all the time. Word.  I’m sure some of the dudes I dated didn’t appreciate me paying heed to this bit of wisdom.  Definitely passing this one on to Lovegirl.

….wherever you nut up, I nut up. Talk about getting right and staying right!  There were things I didn’t do just because I knew my Mama would clown me on the spot.  Oh believe me I wanted to do some stuff, but um yeah, I knew my Mama was serious.  I’m good.

why are you asking me questions you already know the answer to? Why was I?  I knew the answer was no.  Geesh.

….you can always use me as an excuse. And often, I did.  When I wanted to seem cool and my friends were about to do something I knew wouldn’t pass muster in our home, I’d just say “you guys know I can’t do that, my Mama is crazy.”  And no one would pressure me to participate.  The fact that no one had ever actually seen my mother cut a fool didn’t really seem to matter….My friends from high school have remarked on more that one occasion that my Mom is a whole lot more normal that I made her seem in high school.

.hell no. No I couldn’t: stay go out, wear that mini skirt, slather my face in makeup, go to that party, hang out with that girl (Mama told me that chick would be pregnant before the end of the year, and she was!!  How did she know this stuff???), take a year off to find myself after high school….the list is exhaustive.  And she was right.  I had no business doing any of it.

Those are just a few examples of things my Mom told me as I was growing up.  I didn’t necessarily appreciate it at the time, but now?  I’m so glad she told me the truth, gave me words to live by, and didn’t let me just do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  And oh yes, Lovegirl is going to hear all of these.  All of the time.  Lucky girl!

Of course, Mama also told me I looked “darling” in those big ass red S.ally J.essy R.aphael glasses I wore in 9th grade.  Trust me, I did not.

What did your Mama used to say?  Was she right?


9 thoughts on “Mama Used To Say….

  1. My momma lied about my Sally Jesse Raphael’s too! I look back at those pics- skinny, huge glasses and braces and think that’s a face only a mother could love.

  2. Like your mom, mine always had a knack of knowing which kids I had no business associating myself with.

    Once she heard the “I brought you in this world and I’ll take you out” line on The Cosby Show, she wore.it.OUT!!! LOL!! She now uses it on the grandkids when they get on her nerves. “I didn’t bring you in this world but I’ll take you out”.

    She’s nuts. I got it honestly (on both sides). LOL

  3. Yo’ mama also told you not to tell other folks our bizness. Kinda like what you just did. Oh well, it’s out there now.

    Wanna know how I got that solid foundation? From my mama, duh!! Compared to what I had to endure to have a “normal” life under that roof I called home, you were free as a clipped-wing bird!

    It’s generational. Pass it on and have a clear conscience about it. I do.


  4. LOLOL @ daring!!! I love it! I can’t remember stuff my mom said just because you asked me other than don’t ask questions for which you already know the answer. But my friend’s mom told us to be nice to this guy because he seemed geeky and unattractive in middle school but he would be cute and awesome later. Dude… wrong on both accounts! I wasn’t mean to him but she basically told us to let him holla b/c he’d be awesome one day. Yeah… no.

  5. My mama told me a lot of the stuff that yours told you apparently. Except not to go to the party and not to hang out with said hoochie. She told me that if I got a chick pregnant I better find a job, a hustle, or something because she wasn’t supporting it.

    She also told me just because so and so does something doesn’t mean I have to do it also. The classic example, “If so and so jumped off a bridge would you do it too?” I’ll admit I said yes a couple of times just to annoy her.

    Don’t tell people your family’s business. We got that lesson early. Still didn’t stop her from blabbing to her friends.

  6. Whew lawd, our mama’s came from the same old school!! This whole list, plus some came out of my mother’s mouth. One of her favorites was, “Just because I won’t apologize for their parents not having enough sense to care what their children are doing. You’re mine and I know better!”

    Damn those SJR glasses!! *LMAO* I had some too!

  7. My mother mostly ruled with an iron fist, so don’t tell our family business was number one. She also said if you act a fool, I’ll act a bigger fool! Everybody is not going to like you was the truth, but I thought I was soooo fabulous I still cannot understand why they didn’t! LOL! I too rocked the SJR’s in purple. LOL!

  8. My mama told me that only three things were open at 2am – legs, the hospital, and jail. That was in response to me foolishly asking if I could stay out until 2:30am when I was in the 10th grade.

  9. “I can show you better than I can tell you.”

    “If you lay down with dogs, you will get up with the mange.”

    “I can embarass you more than you can embarass me.”

    “You must not think fat meat is greasy.”

    There’s a few more, but I can’t think of them right now…

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