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Judge Not

So….I just got a call from Lovegirl’s teacher telling me that Lovegirl had an accident at school and had to change into her in-case-of-an-accident pants.  Which would be fine.  If I’d had enough sense to swap her in-case-of-an-accident clothes out when the seasons changed. But I didn’t.  So today?  I shall pick up from school a little brown girl in a studded purple long sleeved tshirt, blue/orange/yellow madras plaid shorts, rainbow socks and black leather mary janes.

Did I mention we have errands to run after school today?


6 thoughts on “Judge Not

  1. LOL…no judging here….we’ve all been there in some capacity. The funny thing is that Love Girl probably won’t even care…it’s us parents that notice that stuff, lol.

  2. Aww, poor little cutie! But you know what, she sounds confident enough to rock the heck outta that outfit! *lol* She might be profilin’ when you pull up!

  3. Hey, who among us hasn’t forgotten to change out the clothes. My kids pre-school used to send a note home just to remind us of that. The problem was actually seeing the note…

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