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Stand Up!

When I was still in school I dreamt about finishing so that my time would be mine (and Smoochy’s and Lovegirl’s) again.  I had grand visions of delicious home cooked meals, a clean and organized home, arts and crafts with Lovegirl, being in the gym at least five days a week, and life falling into a relaxed, easy vibe.

Instead, my house is still a mess.  I find myself running last minute errands almost daily.  Lovegirl and I have eaten more grilled chesse sandwiches than the law should allow, the walls of my study are still “insane asylum gray,” and my gym-going habits have improved, but are nowhere near the five days I week  I was dreaming of this time last year.

So I started thinking about why haven’t I been able to do the things I want to do.  Why I’m still getting up at the crack of dawn and yet scrambling to get out the door on time every morning.  Why so many things on my mental to do list are not getting done.

My brilliant conclusion?  Because I sit down.  As long as I walk in the door and keep moving, I can accomplish a lot.  Dishes are miraculously washed, clothes are folded/hung up/put away, lunches are packed, complete nutritious meals are prepared….But more often than not?  I sit down.  And before I know it, I’ve watched a complete episode of NCIS (love that show!), filed my nails and it’s pushing 7:00.  Leaving me just enough time to make grilled cheese sandwiches, get Lovegirl in and out of the tub, comb her hair and get her in the bed by 8.  When I sit down again.  And don’t get up until 5 the next morning.

Yeah, something’s gotta give.  So I’m going back to my daily/weekly/monthly to do lists.  I’m buying a little notepad for my purse and will be making good use of it.  I’m going to stop sitting down to relax for “just a minute” when I walk through the door and take care of my business first. 

On the agenda for this weekend?  Somewhere between taking Lovegirl to the fair and probably attending the JSU/SU football game I am taking stock of my pantry, cabinets and freezer and stocking them all so that quick, healthy, homemade meals will be no further than a pot and 30 minutes away. 

I’ve also got floors to mop, laundry to fold and a master bedroom to get under control.  Looks like the only sitting I’ll be doing this weekend will be at church on Sunday morning!

Hope you have a lovely, blessed weekend.  Take care!


9 thoughts on “Stand Up!

  1. Seriously, there was a sigh of relief escaping my lips when I read this. I’m not the only one! Feels like once I sit down…it’s over. Dinner? Let me just pop some popcorn (but i’ll be adding grilled cheese to the menu – sounds so good right now!). Now back to sitting, watching tv, not mopping the floor or cleaning the bathroom.

  2. Sitting leads to sleeping for me every time. I always wake up in the middle of the night and try to tackle a few things though. This morning I got up at 1am and wrote thank you cards, washed clothes, and packed my daughter up for a weekend trip. The end result is I am dead tired now with over 4 hours left to work. This weekend I too plan to get back on track.

    Target has cute little notepads in their $1 section. I stock up because if I don’t write something down it doesn’t get done.

  3. I had the same problem so I made a rule for myself. Since nothing but squat is on the TV before primetime anyway, I decided that I won’t turn my tv on after I get home from work until 8:00. That way I have no reason to sit and relax. I got clothes to wash and fold, dinner to cook, and 3 kids to entertain. I dont have any reason to sit down before they get into bed. So I just try to be as productive as I can until my relax time.

    Now granted, this leads to some loooooong days and I dont do it EVERYday, but when I do it I get a lot accomplished.

  4. You are completely on point with this. As you read the other day, my commute makes my days crazy and we get in the house close to 8p every night. From the second I walk in, I’ve got to bang out some tasks. Start a starch or salad for dinner, empty the dishwasher, start a load of clothes, etc, while MrTDJ plays with the little guy. Chances are that anything I don’t do before 9:30, ain’t getting done. Once I’m down, I’m done!

  5. I have a tendency to sit and relax while I wait for dinner which takes me into a news marathon that leads to Jeopardy and Huell Howser by 8PM. then I think about doing chores. Then I stop myself quickly before I act on those impulses. I break out the lap top or a book and sleep til 9:30 or 10:00. Then I’m ready for the night. A load of clothes here, a mopped floor there, dust what’s in viewing range of TV. It gets done. This is my Monday thru Friday routine.

    I get most of that household stuff done on the weekend. Then I start all over again. Whatever you choose to do and whenever you choose to do it, don’t beat yourself up. Be gentle on yourself.

  6. The computer is my enemy i sit down to check a “few” things and read my school emails, but end up searching blogs and three or four hours have passed. A to do list sounds like a good idea but I would more than likely lose it or forget where I put. I need to get it together.

  7. The to-do list notepad is slowly changing my life! I bought one from Target with a pic of Wonder Woman on the front to motivate me a little more, lol. I’d rather have it all in one place than on several stickies and task lists on my computer.

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