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You Bring Me Joy!

The other day, Babs posted about being happy and faking it ’til you make it.  While I think I’m generally a pretty happy soul, I do think more positivity in the world – blog world included – would be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

So, in a show of solidarity, I am going to post a random list of things that bring me joy.  I am not including my family, friends, or health because those are givens!

  • Purple
  • Pistachios
  • Travel
  • State Fairs
  • Boots
  • Blue Jeans
  • Cozy Sweaters
  • Strong Cell Phone Signals
  • Thai Food
  • Chicken Shawarma
  • Hot Tea
  • Colored Office Supplies
  • Cute Bibles
  • RHOA
  • Good Books
  • Accessories
  • A Nice Boss
  • B&BW Lay It On Thick Body Moisturizer (my go to hand lotion!)

20 thoughts on “You Bring Me Joy!

  1. “I am not including my family, friends, or health because those are givens!”

    Hot Tea
    Ice Tea
    Morning Radio shows (they crack me up)
    New shoes
    New boots
    A hat that fits my big head
    Sour candy
    Casablanca Lillies
    Riding with the sunroof open

  2. Love it! High on a few of those, especially Thia food! Things that bring me joy:
    My Monday morning Ex Large coffee from 7/11, just the way I like it
    Sushi (cooked)
    Traffic that moves
    My DVR
    Homemade soup in the winter

    • You and your traffic! But after reading what you go through, I am so not mad that’s on your list.

      Ditto on the soup. I cannot wait for the temps to drop a bit. I’ve got a recipe for tomato soup that I cannot wait to try!

  3. A sunny day
    BBW – Lay it On Thick Lotion (I love it, too)
    Unexpected Text from my sweetie
    A good book
    A finished crochet project
    A phone call from my grandson (even though I don’t always understand what he is saying)
    Riding with the top down (Sunday was Awesome!)
    A Caramel Latte from Starbucks
    A fresh glazed donut
    Cherry Blow pops
    Candy apples
    Favorite pair of comfy jeans
    Warm and cozy robe on a cold day
    My massage appointments
    My pedicures

    Oh boy, I guess I better stop here.

  4. a sale at ashley stewart/lane bryant/ torrid
    great fitting jeans
    new shoes in an 11
    Makeup ( Mac and Sephora I shall be back to visit soon )
    Giving to others in need
    unique stuff
    colored pens/ colored office supplies- seriously I am gonna be the shrink who writes in purple , pink , or turquoise ink
    a good book
    my hair done , eyebrows done , feet done ( yes I think Im fancy …)
    white hot chocolate from DUnkin Donuts
    Laughing with my mom , granny or friends
    peanut mms

  5. My Bible’s cuteness can be attributed to the two-tone leather cover it sports – purple and brown. Lovegirl’s is hot pink/purple. Cute I tell ya!

  6. What a GREAT POST!!!! I get a kick out of…

    Fried chicken wings with ranch dressing
    A man who prays
    Get cute Saturdays
    shopping shoe sales
    Fall fashion magazines
    a fancy lunch
    new earrings
    sleeping in on Saturday
    A good church service!

    Again I love this post!

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